Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bulu Box June 2014 Review

My June 2014 Bulu Box arrived today!  I'm always excited to check and see what is in side these boxes.  Bulu Box is so different from any of my other subscription boxes.  It's all about health and fitness.  They tend to have a lot of protein samples and workout supplements.  There are two boxes to choose from: Regular and Weight Loss.  I get the Weight Loss box.

The Cost: $10/month or get a great deal at Living Social-3 months for $15!

What You Get: A custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try in the fields of heath, nutrition and weight loss.

SpaTone PurAbsorb Iron-  This is a packet of water.  Yep.  Water.  Iron-rich Spring water.  This contains 28% of your daily needs for iron.  I'm glad to see they've included two samples.  More is always better.

Kickbutt Amped Energy Balls- So.  These are interesting.  It's basically a big ball of sugar that also has some vitamins like niacin and riboflavin along with a "proprietary blend" of caffeine, creatine and ginseng.  I'm going to bet that a large majority of the energy received from these Kickbutt ballz is from a whopping sugar dose.  I'm pretty skeptical of these kinds of things.  Especially after I watched a pretty awesome documentary on what actually goes into a lot of "proprietary" workout supplements.

Power Pack Pudding Fit & Lean in Delicous Vanille Crème- 15g protein, no carbs and only 100 calories!  Could be good.  I don't eat pudding, though, because of the texture but I'm sure DH won't mind eating it.

bulumu All Natural Granola in red white + blueberry- A great little snack pack of granola with oats, almonds, blueberries and cranberries.

Shapeology Garcinia Cambogia-  This apparently helps you lose weight.  It's from the rinds of the tamarind fruit and has only sketchy studies done on it. 

Bach Rescue Pearls- Relieve tension and stress with flower power!  Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and rock rose.  Even more sketchy "not-science" studies...  I might be willing to try these since none of those flowers are poisonous.

VERDICT:  This also came with a shake recipe and a $100 "gift" card to Naked Wines.  You have to spend $160 in order to use the card so it's not really free.  I am a little to science minded for Bulu Box, I think.  I tend to be super skeptical about these kinds of things.  I doubt any of it will kill me but I still would prefer fewer supplements and more healthy food items.  Part of it could be that I chose the weight-loss box but I've noticed that both boxes tend to have pretty close to the same content.  I got a three month deal for $15 so this box was $5.  For $5 I'm not complaining but I wouldn't mind if they charged more and sent better stuff :)
If you would like to check out Bulu Box, head to their website and see what they have going on! Use code JOINBULU to get 55% off any subscription.

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