Thursday, June 19, 2014

Escape Monthly June 2014 Review Las Vegas!

My June 2014 Escape Monthly arrived today!  The theme for this box was Las Vegas.  I had seen one spoiler which wasn't my thing but I was still interested to see what would be included in my vacation box!

The Cost: $49.99/mo

What You Get:  A destination guide book plus a monthly delivery of luxury products from all over the world.

A box packed with goodies!  I'm always curious to see what Escape Monthly considers luxury goods from each destination.

Moon Handbooks Nevada-  Each full size Escape Monthly box has a guidebook for the destination area.  If you are the type that likes this kind of thing or takes lots of trips, you can get a pretty nice collection really quick!
Value: $19.99

Tahoe Nevada Toffee- Unbelievably delicious toffee treats.  VERY good.  Yes.  Delicious.  This is a pretty big chunk, too.  And it is GOOD!
Value: Well, it says $15 but that's outrageous.  I'm going with $8 to be fair and reasonable.

Authentic Clipped Casino Playing Cards-  Use real Vegas playing cards for your next poker night.  These cards were used at Planet Hollywood.  Used in live games then clipped and retired to avoid cheating.  Interesting!  Guess I can play solitaire and feel authentically gambler-y.  This is actually a fun thing to include!
Value: $4.99

3 Girls Holistic Calming Mist Body Spray- Relax with lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang while you de-stress from a day at work.  Envision Vegas pool boys at your side.  Okay, not really.  This actually smells amazing but I'm allergic to lavender so I can't keep it.  Someone else will get to love it!
Value: $12.00

iadora Charcoal Body Scrub- This has salt and activated charcoal in it.  I have no idea what activates charcoal but whatever.  I used an Origins Activated Charcoal Mask and my skin looked fabulous afterwards so I am absolutely using this!

Vegas Wine Stopper- a dice topped stopper for your wine with a pretty cute box.  I don't drink wine so this will be passed on somehow.
Value: $5.39

Las Vegas Shot Glass-  Why am I surprised to see this??  I shouldn't be. People love to collect shot glasses and Vegas is probably the shot glass capital of the universe.  It's very Las Vegas, I have to admit.
Value: $3.95

Vegas Nail File- This is a bonus item.  Now I can file my nails Las Vegas style. Heh.
Value: $1.39

VERDICTEscape Monthly is a great idea but I don't honestly feel it is worth $50 a month.  I only got this because I had a Plum District voucher so it was only $25.  Luckily, I think Escape Monthly is heading in the right direction because they are starting a Escape Mini which is only $24.95.  Now, this is not a beauty subscription, this is more of a fun experiment type of box.  If you want to get fun things from places around the world (and States), I think the Escape Mini is a good option.  It won't cost as much and it won't have the guidebook (which is the bulk of the price in the regular box).  Personally the guidebook is not a good thing to include because so few people will be able to use it.

If you would like to sign up for Escape Monthly or the Escape Mini, you can do that here.  If you want the Mini you have to scroll all the way down to the brown part where the FAQs are and the Escape Mini button is there.  It's so weird how they are doing it.  They are hiding it!

There is currently a deal on Plum District for the full size Escape Monthly for $25 (use code CELEBRATESUMMER2014 at checkout to get it for only $20!)  This is a GREAT way to get your first box.  It's how I did it. :)  You'll have to sign up for the free Plum District account to get access.

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  1. I think you got an awesome shot glass! I've seen some of the ones up for swap on MSA's site and I definitely don't like those as much. :p Also, that wine stopper looks like a serious weapon with its super sharp end, haha.

    1. It *is* pretty pointy! And tacky :P Yes the shot glass is pretty cute. I didn't realize there was more than one design. Now I'm extra glad I got this one! Wanna know something really bad? I already ate that WHOLE piece of toffee...

    2. Tacky sounds about right. :p But hey, that's what a lot of Las Vegas souvenirs are. XD It's a shame that they didn't include a magnet though, because I think that would have been fun!

      And hahaha, I think if I had gotten this box, the toffee might have disappeared before I could take a photo. ;)

  2. India is up next. I want to see what they do with that before I decide on keeping the subscription, going mini, or no going.

    1. I think I might go Mini, just to see what the difference is. And India could be pretty fun!