Friday, June 20, 2014

From The Lab June 2014 Review + Coupon Code!

I'm always excited to see my From the Lab box arrive.  Especially since this month, I alreayd knew what would be in it!  All I can really say is that the real thing is SO much better than pictures but I'm going to try to show you this great product!

The Cost: $29.95/month, shipping is free (Use code GETFREE30 and you'll get $30 back to spend in the Member Shop!)

What you Get: One to three full size luxury beauty products delivered to your door each month.  These products are estimated to be worth at least $100 on the retail market but you will get them before they are even available for purchase anywhere else.

This month we received three HUGE Lip Color Sticks in three different shades.  The colors are very vibrant and extremely pigmented.  No one will doubt the color on your lips!  These Lip Color Sticks are formulated with Vitamin E and Vitamin C to provide moisturizing and antioxidant benefits.

They use a cutting edge blend botanical ingredients to create a gloss that doesn't feather, provides optimal, intense pigmentation with a wet-look finish.

The colors are numbered instead of named which is typical of what you receive from From The Lab.  This does not mean you are a lab rat!  All the formulations chosen by From The Lab are ready for production, they just haven't been bought by a cosmetics company yet.  If you love innovative, cutting edge beauty products, you would love this!

Here are the colors, unscrewed to the full extent.  This is a lot of lip color!  I love that these don't need sharpening and can just be twisted up for more. 

Lip Color Stick No. 335 (top)- A bold, playful pink that brightens up your skin tone and your smile.  This is PINK! Also, SPARKLY!  I love it SO much.  It's definitely too young for me but this is a great pink with my skin.

Lip Color Stick No. 336 (middle)- Apply a light swipe for a sheer, beachy melon or build it up for a bright, trending coral perfect for summer.  This is also sparkly.  It is an orangey red that actually works really well.  I personally prefer the pink because, well... pink!

Lip Color Stick No 337- A classic red with blue undertones that complements every complexion.  This is a beautiful red.  I am not a fan of red lipsticks in general but this has just enough blue to make it a very appropriate red.  It is also is the only color with no sparkle.  I do like that about it as well.

Like I said before, photos just do not do these colors justice.  However, here are the swatches in natural light.  I wish I had been able to capture the creamy sheen.  These colors are rich and glorious.

They glide on so smoothly and have a pearl-like sheen when applied.  I love it.  These are also quite hydrating as my lips were soft ALL day while I wore one color after the other to try them.  There was absolutely NO drying of my lips. I was really surprised at how moisturizing these sticks were.

The pigmentation is amazing.  Just one swipe gives fantastic color but it is also easily built up for the complete glam look.  Three swipes is intense!  I think No. 337 is the best red I've ever encountered.  A tip to keep color longer (it's supposed to last 8 hours), it to apply, then blot with a tissue and apply a second thin layer of coverage.  I didn't do this (yet) but I found the color held up well against eating lunch and drinking from a water bottle.  My last coat (hello, No. 337) lasted a good six hours at high intensity.  DH even commented on it!

VERDICT:  I really like this subscription!  It's a bit expensive if you get month to month but even then it's worth it for the products you receive.  I've LOVED every single thing I've received from From the Lab which surprises me because I am so picky about ingredients especially.  My favorite face primer is from From the Lab and I just am constantly amazed at the abilities of their Eyelift Primer.  Luckily, they send full size products ONLY so I have plenty!  Another thing I really like is how transparent From the Lab is about what is in their products.  They meticulously list every ingredient.

The wonderful thing about From the Lab is that every product they send is free of phlalates, parabens, sodium laurel sulfates, mineral oils and they never, ever use products tested on animals OR that contain any substance of animal origin.  So you can use any of their products completely guilt and worry free!

If you would like to sign up for From the Lab, head to their website and join up! From the Lab has offered a special discount for my readers if you are interested you should take advantage of this special pricing.  And if they are currently on a waitlist, using these links will allow you to skip it and join right away!

Use code GETFREE30 for a free $30 toward any purchase in the Member Store once you've joined!  I highly suggest the Eyelift Primer and Face Primer combination pack.  Here's my review if you want to know why I suggest them!

They are currently shipping this exact box, so if you sign up now, you will receive these three Color Sticks!

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  1. Aww they look like cute crayon sticks :) The color 337 is indeed very pretty, I love it! but on the picture the orange and red almost look the same (the swatch picture) but i can imagine that the orage has more sparkles (like autumn?) I wonder how long these color sticks will last :)

    1. It was so hard to get a good picture of the colors. They look the sort of the same but they aren't. I *really* like the red one. The middle orange one does have sparkles :D

  2. soooo how do you get that coupon code to work?