Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Deals on Escape Monthly and BuluBox!

Escape Monthly
Use code CELEBRATESUMMER2014 to get Escape Monthly for only $20 at Plum District!  If you don't have a Plum District account, you'll have to make one.  It's free and you'll get access to some pretty good deals (I just got 4 Essie nail polishes for $8)!

The theme for Escape Monthly for June is Las Vegas!  If you sign up quickly enough, you will probably get that one.  If not, the July box is India!

There is also a new Escape Mini that is $24.95 but this deal is much better.  Get the full box for only $20. :)

I don't know what is up with Blogger (maybe its just me?) but something is seriously not right.  I apologize for how terrible everything looks!  I'm not super good with html but thats all that's available to me right now.

Living Social has 3 month Bulu Box subscriptions on sale for $15! Hopefully, clicking that will take you to the exact page.  If not, it is a National Deal so you should be able to search for "bulu box" and find it!  It's a really great deal and makes each box only $5.  I've gotten some really good boxes from Bulu Box and I've also had a dud or two.  Since it's only $5 it's worth getting a bad box for all the good ones that you get.  At least, for me!  I'm thinking of getting the six month deal for $30.

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