Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Thoughts! Plus OMG sign up for Boxy Charm QUICK!

OH MY GOODNESS, SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!!  Look at the items in that box!  Sign up for Boxy Charm right now and you will get this box!!  You have to do it before the end of June (or before they sell out).  I signed up yesterday and I'm getting this box!!


Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride
Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara
Strange Beautiful Nail Lacquer Duo
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream HyperLiner in Cute Robot
Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream HyperLight

The value on this box is kiiiind of unreal!  For some reason I always thought Boxycharm was a jewelry subscription but it most definitely is not.

Wow.  I cannot WAIT to get mine!  If you use my referral link, I will be so happy! :D

Other News:

Congratulations to Yuri V. for winning the Stars and Stripes June 2014 Glossybox!!  She'll soon be basking in her Sumita Eyeliner, with hair made perfect by Rusk and flaunting her Strangely Beautiful red and blue nails! Yay!!

In other Giveaway News, get ready for some announcements regarding MemeboxIf you haven't entered the current Memebox Giveaway, do it here!  If you missed out on that, there is more in store!! *hint, hint*  I'm REALLY excited about collaborating with Memebox so be prepared for more and more awesomeness!! Make sure you are signed up to follow on Bloglovin' or Twitter so you don't miss any announcements!

I'm wearing my Kocostar Foot Therapy peeling booties right now!  Only 45 minutes left to go.  These things are dangerous to walk in!  I almost took a flying leap down the stairs!

Out of the package!  I was wondering what they would be like and if they would be wet on the outside from having been in the package but they are totally dry and sealed.  I cut them apart and put one on.  Then I realized that there were layers inside the bootie!  There's the plastic bootie part and then theres also a mesh/net mask type bit that sticks together so you can't tell its there. :P  So I had to take my other one off and peel apart the super thin layers and put it back on without killing myself or falling over.
I mention all that just in case you ever try these things.  Don't make my mistakes! :D

On!  They have little tape tabs (that don't stick very well, especially after you've had to unstick it and restick it because you put it on wrong!) that keep the bootie on.  It's not really a comfortable feeling.  It's like you are sliming around in wet, slippery death-socks.  After an hour and a half you can take them off and then in around three days all your skin will fall off.  I'm not gonna  lie.  I'm a little concerned about what that actually means...


Ahhh!!!  My skin!!  It's literally coming off in sheets!  JUST like the pictures you see of these things! I was walking to the mailbox today in flip flops and was thinking my foot felt weird on the bottom.  So I stopped and took my foot out of my flip flip and looked at the bottom, thinking maybe a wet leaf or something had gotten between my foot and flip flop.  No.  No, just ALL THE SKIN on my foot was peeling off!  And underneath is the softest, pinkest baby skin ever! Woohoo!  Okay, its seriously gross (seriously) but the results are pretty awesome!

Garden Pictures Ahead!

 I was so happy today to go outside and see how many of my daylilies had bloomed!  Up first is French Tudor which is new this year.  I love it and it is a totally perfect pink!

Second is Strawberry Candy!  A peachy, coral pink with a nice, high bud count!  This should have blooms for awhile!

Last but not least is Siloam Double Classic.  You can probably tell that this is not double.  I think these only go double 80% of the time so there will be singles in there now and then.  This is a beautiful and classic pink.  I like it a lot!  This one is also new to me this year.  In the background on the left is my favorite grass!  It's a Hakonechloa macra "Areole".  It clumps beautifully and has gorgeously striped bright yellow and green leaves.  It gets a hint of a pink tinge in the fall.

Also, Memebox is breaking my bank but it doesn't have to break yours!  Use code TRYMEMEBOX to get $15 off!!  Whee!  Plus they have that new box thats all about Cute!  I'm really trying hard to resist but I bet I cave.  I should just hashtag every post with #memeboxaddict, what do you think?

Julep has a few coupons out that I've seen.  Get 50% off with Barbeque and 40% off with Liberty.  That's besides FREEBOX which (duh!) gives you your first box free.  Well, I think it actually makes you pay shipping which is $2.99.  I haven't used either coupon yet.  I think they're good till end of day 6/27.

Also, don't forget that Loot Crate has a T-shirt again this month plus 2 exclusive new goodies designed just for them.  The value is over $45 for July.  I don't know what the theme is yet but I'm pretty sure I'm in for this one!  Try code JUNELOOT to get $3 off the $13.37 price.

My feet are kiiinda feeling like they are either on fire or freezing cold with these booties.  I've only had them on for 45 minutes.  I'm not sure I can do another 45 more! Yeeks!


  1. Thanks, I was waiting for someone to try those socks before I do ;) I was thinking I had to sit down for 1.5 hours (I still haven't read the instructions). And thanks so much for the $15 code! I'm seriously contemplating getting the Cute Wishlist box...

  2. Haha! I'm not loving how they feel right now but I'm afraid to take them off because I don't want to "waste" their super power abilities!! Only half hour to go >.< I'm so so so close to using that code on the Cute Box. Ahh! There is so MUCH cute korean stuff that could be in there!

  3. Your flowers *_____*

    Haha, also those feet mask things look like fun. XD

    I was tempted by Boxycharm but then I was like... nah. :p (even though the value is INSANE) I'd rather spend that money on next month's Loot Crate!

    1. Those feet masks are crazy! I was walking so funny because I nearly took a header down the stairs so I was being super slow and careful. I ended up taking them off after 1 hour and 15 minutes because it felt like I'd smeared IcyHot all over them or something! I think it worked though because my skin basically rubbed off while I was washing them. I wonder if more will come off in three days like it says.

      I'm getting BOTH! There was no resisting for me :D Do you ever feel like you should get 2 Loot Crates so you can get double awesomeness? I think I may have to do that eventually, just so hubby and I can have matching T shirts in proper sizes. Yah. I would do that :)

    2. :O That sounds really... dangerous (both the almost-falling-incident and the fact that skin just rubbed off when you washed them). I don't know if I'd be into that kind of exfoliation. XD But I hope you get some awesome results since you suffered through wearing them for an extended period of time!

      I should probably drop some of my Birchbox accounts to try other subscriptions, but those 100 point codes... XD

      And haha yes! I definitely wanted to do that in May, but... I told myself no. I did end up trading for more of the Adventure Time tins so it was probably the right choice. :) But yessss you should get two so that you guys can wear matching shirts!

  4. Woooow those flowers are sooo beautiful!! I need those too! :D

    Let me hear what happens to your feet alright! because I tried the mask in the mask edtion #2 and nothing' has happened yet :D