Monday, June 2, 2014

Homegrown Collective May 2014 "Olives & Grapes & Herbs, Oh My!"

I love the Homegrown Collective.  They send wonderful boxes with everything you need to make your own homemade "something".  You never know what it is going to be until you get your box!

The Homegrown Collective is dedicated to providing members with products that foster self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

This month it's infusing your own olive oil and balsamic vinegar!  Also thrown in for a little fun is a recipe for a Lemon-Rosemary Foot Soak!
I have never made any of these things so this is very exciting to me!

Homegrown Collective puts EVERYTHING you will need in their box!  I actually forgot to put the funnel they provided in this picture. Whoops.

The Cost: $39.99 plus shipping.  Use code BITBOX10 to get 10% off ANY length subscription!

What You Get: Everything you need to complete a wonderful home project!  The first month I got a box I made lip balm and a sugar scrub.  The second box taught me how to make cheese!  The third box was homemade ketchup and mustard!  These are SO much fun.  If you are on the edge of crafty these are perfect.  If you want to do a project with your kids, this is perfect.  If you just want to test your prowess at being eco-conscious and/or a little more "sustainable," this GREENBOX can't be beat!

Here is everything you need to make a Lemon-Rosemary Foot Soak, including a pumice stone to get rid of all the rough bits!  If you add sugar to the mix,  you can make a scrub, too!

I decided to make Lemon-Basil Infused Olive Oil!  Using the Mason jar provided I filled it half way with lemon peel and basil leaf flakes.  It smells so good!
The olive oil was sealed and smelled excellent.

Filled up the jar with Olive Oil and then stirred it to get rid of the bubbles (per the directions provided).  Then it has to sit in a sunny place for 1-3 weeks.  After that you can strain it and use it or strain it and infuse it again for a stronger flavor!

A sunny place in Seattle can be hard to find sometimes...
Somehow I don't think the shaft of sunlight coming in from the bathroom is going to work for me.
Plus Bugsy wouldn't be very happy with a jar of oil usurping his favorite sunning spot.

I'm going to make Rosemary Infused Balsamic Vinegar next!  Does that sound good?  I don't really use balsamic vinegar but I'm happy to make some and try it!  They sent rosemary, lemon peel, basil, and red chili peppers.  Which would be best for balsamic vinegar?

VERDICT: I love my Homegrown Collective GREENBOX!  It's always worth it to me just for the experience alone.  I learn new things I normally wouldn't have even considered and I get to eat the fruits of my handiwork!  Or use my lip balm.  Or scrub my feet with my new pumice stone and new foot soak recipe.

If you would like to subscribe to the Homegrown Collective GREENBOX, you can sign up here! Don't forget to use code BITBOX10 to get 10% off any subscription!

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  1. I was leaning toward doing the cold method too, probably oil infused with lemon and rosemary. I can just see myself screwing up royally if I get the stove involved. This is for sure one project that I'll do again in the future! Btw, love that picture of your dog checking out the goods. He looks so intrigued!

    1. I know what you mean. I saw the "use the top of your double boiler" and I was like Umm... I'm gonna do it cold method... :D Bugsy was mostly offended that I had ousted him out of his sunny spot with a small glass jar full of tasty smells. I can't wait till it's done because I'm going to put it on chicken and potatoes and then bake them. I wonder if it will make a difference. I've never used flavored olive oil before!