Friday, June 6, 2014

Ipsy Sneak Peek Bag Reveal June 2014 + Skip the Wait List!

The bag this month will be a Rebecca Minkoff design!  I admit I was actually secretly hoping for a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt print and this is pretty close.  I really do love the fact that we get a new bag every month!
I've only had Ipsy for 3 months now and my favorite bag was the nubbly canvas one with green leaves (pictured).  It has an actual bottom and a top zip.

The only bag I wasn't too enthused about was the rock star weird plastic blue square.  But the Klari Reese was totally cute (in my opinion).

There's no way I can use all these bags BUT they are perfect little gift bags for preteen girls so mine will be donated with love and goodies to my niece.

What do you think of this months spoilers.  You can see the full line up in this post.  Do you have some definite wants or don't wants?

I'm pretty ambivalent this month for some reason.  I like lip gloss (yay!)

Ipsy is offering an opportunity to skip the waitlist!! Now is your chance!

If you want to sign up click here first to sign up. Then come back and click HERE to skip the wait list!!
You MUST sign up first THEN click the skip waitlist link. (According to the Ipsy website you must first have signed up in order to take advantage of skipping the wait). There's a limited number of waitlist skips available so get on it if you want the bag! Thanks for using my referral link to sign up, if you choose to do so!

I'm not sure how long they are offering the opportunity to skip the waitlist and I cant check it myself so I hope there are still spots available for you!

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