Monday, June 23, 2014

Level Naturals Good Box June 2014 Review

My June Level Naturals Good Box arrived today!  It appears they don't have an official box since mine arrived in a USPS Small Priority Mail box. There also isn't an information card so I had to go to their website to look up the bath bomb flavor.

The box smelled so good, even before I opened it.  This has been a fun way to get new and unusual soaps and I've enjoyed each product so far!

The Cost: $14.95/mo

What You Get: Premium Level Naturals products including a huge, 6oz bar of soap, a 2oz travel candle, a box of Shower Bombs and a surprise.

Level Naturals Mud Soap- This muddy buddy is packed with a ton of clay like kaolin and rhassoul, making it extra smooth and creamy.  It also has French Pink Clay in it for fun!  It's made with coconut oil as the first ingredient!
Value: $5.99

Level Naturals Pure Bergamot Essential Oil Shimmer Bomb- I love Bergamot SO much that I don't know if I can give this to my MIL which is what I was planning to do.  I'm not a bath kind of girl but I may have to become one for a night.
Value: $2.50

Level Naturals Shower Bombs:  I love these shower bombs. They wake me up in the morning with their minty, eucalyptusy scent.  I put this on the shelf in my shower and sprinkle water on it so it will release the scent.  You can put it on the floor of your shower but I think it washes away too quickly that way so I put it where I can control the amount of water that gets on it.
Value: $7.95

Level Naturals Soy Travel Candle in Yuzu-  This smells SO good!!  It's 100% soy and I'm guessing it has a two hour burn time.
Value: $5.99

VERDICT:  It's a lot of fun getting surprise soap goodies in the mail.  I really like the shower bombs and their soap bars are HUGE and last a long time.  We still haven't finished the one we got last month.  You can see what I got last month in this post.  The candle scent is delicious!  I had originally thought the Bath Bomb was also Mud scented but it turned out to be WAY better! So, the great variety I got in the last box continues in this one, too. If you love natural, eco-conscious products (or anything), I do suggest trying this box out!  Support local and handmade!

I also hope that they decide to put in Info cards so that I don't have to look up online what I received.  The quality of these products is undeniable.  They are made in the USA from natural ingredients and their soap is vegan for those who are conscious of what they use.  I do wish they included at least one more soap in the box.  The cost is $14.95 with shipping and comes to around $20.  I know there tends to be a huge mark up on soaps but in a subscription box I think there should be a bit better value since its basically a repeat customer.

I'm still in for the next box!  If you would like to sign up, head over to and choose your box!  There are three different sizes at different price points so theres something for every size family.


  1. Hello from Level HQ.
    There was supposed to be a card in there describing the gift, my apologies for that.
    What the bath bomb actually is is a Pure Bergamot Essential Oil, shimmer bomb. It has beet root powder and blue green algae in it with gold mica to leave your skin super nourished and a light shimmer on the skin. This bath bomb was a one time gift we only did for our good Box subscribers.
    Hope you enjoy everything.
    Lots of Love, Level

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I will amend my post :) I might have to take a bath just to use that bomb because it sounds amazing!

    2. I have to admit, i took a handful home and soaked all weekend, was pretty awesome. I know I make the product and that's what i should be saying, but we have tons of other flavors and this one is great!

    3. One last bit on value of the box.
      The travel candle is 7.99 making the box not including the free gift $21.97 so shipping ends up being free. The Good Box subscriber gets a pretty great discount. The gift values vary from during the holiday a $25 holiday candle to the $3 one off surprise shimmer bomb or a Soap Infused Sponge valued at 5.99. So it's always an extra special gift every month.

      Any suggestions on what you would like for an upcoming box?

    4. Soap slivers! I saw you had a 1lb bag of soap bits up on your website. I thought that was a great way to try as many soap flavors as possible. But really, the surprise gift has always been great. I think you should sell that lip balm! I had to give mine to a friend because I'm allergic to lavender but she wanted to know where she could buy more, she loved it that much.

    5. Would love to see body lotions, creams, hand creams, body oils and body scrubs. Would you consider creating face creams too?

  2. I love that box! I want it too! I hate my country for not selling cool subscriptions boxes! I love them for their soccer :D I think i'm gonna make soy wax candles sometime (with it's getting colder ;)