Friday, June 20, 2014

Loot Crate June 2014 Transform Review

I was so excited to do my review for this June 2014 Loot Crate but the second my husband saw the box he wanted to open it.  Last time I made him wait while I took the pictures but this time I just gave it to him.  This is a such a fun box!

The Cost: $13.37/month

What You Get: A box full of unique, interesting and fun gamer geek l00t catered to a new theme each month with occasional awesome T-shirts included.

If seeing all this doesn't make a gamer happy, I don't know what will!  It's full of little gadgety things that are apparently perfect for a work desk.  The last crate was full of Adventure Time figurines which now adorn DH's desk.  Now Transformers join them!

Transformers Blind Box by Hasbro and The Loyal Subjects-  Well, I really wanted an Autobot, of course but I'll settle for Megatron!  This has moveable parts and a detachable Fusion Cannon (which I think is on backwards on this photo :/ ).  It's pretty cute, I'm not gonna lie.  I want more of them!

Loot Crate Issue 011- I didn't have one of these little magazines in my last crate and I'm glad it was included in this one.  It's got puzzles and info about what was included along with extra information about why they chose the theme for the month.

Marty McPrime T-shirt-  This is an original ode to the 80's with a Lootbot perched on a DeLorean.  It's got pretty much every aspect of ridiculousness in it and DH put it on immediately even though it's red and he doesn't like red.  I love that they include T-shirts like this.  It makes it all more fun.

 Also in the Loot Crate is the requisite sticker packs (does anyone really use these?), the Loot Crate button for the month (I wish they were magnets!), some sour candy Warheads (I ate two and I think I cauterized my mouth) and a coupon for MLG GameBattles website.

MLG Terry Cloth Wristband-  This is useful and DH snagged it immediately.  He wears these when he works out but he's always losing them because the dogs LOVE them.  They will dig through the clean laundry pile, find one and run off with it.  Dogs are weird.

Transformers Hex Bug by Hasbro-These are microbots that actually transform by themselves!  This is a super good desk toy!  Tell me that someone seeing it wouldn't stop to play with it? :D That's my goal.  Keep people entertained when they stop by.

VERDICTLoot Crate is great at what they do.  They fill a box with serious gamer/nerd/geek gear and it works.  The fact that there is a T-shirt makes it doubly worth it.  I like having exclusive little toys.  I love the Transformers so there's definitely the nostalgia factor with this box.  Just like Zelda in the last box.

If you would like to sign up for Loot Crate, head to their website and sign up!  Each box is $13.37 plus shipping or less if you sign up for a longer subscription.  I think I may end up getting a longer sub because I like the variety, toys and sheer awesomeness of Loot Crate.

July's box is guaranteed to have a Tshirt (in the size of your choice), along with 2 exclusively for Loot Crate items with a total value of over $45!!

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