Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memebox 10 Minute Box Reveal!

10 Minute Box

The Cost: $23

Aromalab Designer Fragrance Oil- American Pheromone Woman Type- Roll on perfume with fun and fruity scents of raspberries, violets and fresh grapefruit.

Oh, the 10 Minute Box!  The mystery around this box was pretty exciting.  Shockingly there was NO nail polish!  And no fishnets either.  I liked that idea!

Here's the description again:
Every girl fancies a romantic night spent together with the man of her dreams. But let’s admit it, there are those moments when you end up feeling embarrassed because you had forgotten to get yourself properly ready both inside and out.

Our new 10 Minute Box – the hottest Memebox yet to have arrived – comes with the most perfect make-love-happenbeauty products that will get you all polished up for a night you’ll never forget!

Hope Girl Powdery Body Perfume- In a leopard print jar! Seductive and subtle. Sweat absorbing powders keep you fresh all night.

Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick- More leopard print! Creamy red, long-lasting lipstick.

Secret Romance Hair Essence Lovely- A pheromone hair essence that leaves your hair smelling like roses all day. Enriched with natural oils and aloe vera and ginseng extracts this will give you luscious hair.

Laboratory Eyelash 5 pairs- Randomly selected from five different types. Apply with lash glue.

All items are full size.  I couldn't find any information online about the Secret Romance Hair Essence!  If it smells like roses, it wouldn't surprise me if we see it again in the Rose Scentbox!

Memebox has restocked many boxes, check them out!  Also, if you don't have an account now is a great time to sign up!  You'll get 10 free Memepoints which is $10 to spend on anything you want!

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  1. That lipstick looks awesome! just received memebox makeup edition and that liptint was horrible So hopefully this one is better! and lashes in 10 minutes xD fun fun fun.. would take me an hours to put those on haha xD but could be fun right :D

    1. I have not mastered the art of the false eyelash, I admit. I've never actually worn them because I can't get them to look right. :)