Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Memebox Coupons! Get $3 off these Boxes!

Memebox is offering a unique opportunity to it's affiliates! I am able to offer you $3 off on these boxes as part of their blogger program! So if you've been considering purchasing one of these boxes, here is a chance to get $3 off! Don't forget to use code MEMEBUNDLE3 if you buy 3 Memeboxes to get an extra $5 off.

Superbox #28

Superbox Free from Oil and Troubles #3 ($32)
This box is the ultimate go-to box for covering those pesky little pimples, treating blemishes, keeping skin matte all day and soothing troubled yet sensitive skin. Our oil absorbing products are proven to work-fast, so that your skin is left refreshed, smooth, blemish free, and healthy-looking!
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Memebox Skin Care

Memebox Skin Care Edition ($29)
This day and night skincare routine-in-a-box addresses all your everyday skincare needs. From pre-mature wrinkling and fine lines, large pores, rough texture, to dull and dry skin, this basic Skincare box is customized to reveal everything you wanted to know about Korean skincare!
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Superbox #29

Superbox Burst of Color #2 ($39)
A total beginner or a professional makeup artist, it doesn’t matter anymore with what our Superbox #29 Burst of Color has to offer – the perfectly elegant yet easy-to-do makeup assortments to carry around in your pouch!
Use this link to get $3 off your purchase of Superbox Burst of Color #2!

Superbox #31

Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics  ($32)
Soothe and comfort your mind, body, and soul with our Herbal Cosmetics Box, packed with beauty products made from organic herbs such as lavender, tea tree, chamomile, or peppermint, all highly appreciated in the beauty world for their amazing healing powers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's healing remedy with Herbal Cosmetics!
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Superbox #34

Dermocosmetics #2 ($39)
Approved for effectiveness and sensitivity, our Dermo-Cosmetics Box #2 is packed with dermatologist favorites that are meant to pamper, restore and rejuvenate your skin! It contains everything you need to illuminate the skin and repair damaged skin by the sun and other environmental stressor to improve the appearance of dull, uneven skintone and dark spots, giving you a naturally healthy looking glow
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You will get $3 off each of these boxes at check out and MEMEBUNDLE3 also works in combination with this deal because these are automatic codes received by using my referral links!  It should show up in the total area!  Let me know if it doesn't work.  I tested them myself but sometimes things slip by me. :)

*referral/afflilate links were used in the making of this post :)

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