Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memebox Honey and Memebox Fermented Reveal!

Here is the list of items you will find in these Memebox Superboxes.  The Honey Superbox is still AVAILABLE but the Fermented Cosmetics is Sold Out.

Superbox #19
Superbox #19 Honey

This is 5 full size items and 1 mask:

Skin Factory Real Honey Ampoule Mask
YuYu Healthcare Honey Glow Balm
Secret Key Honey Bee Spot Remover
Beauty Recipe Propolis Magic Ampoule
Nella Fantasia Honey One Snail Moisture Cream
Pure Smile Honey Snail Hand Cream

The Cost: $39 plus shipping

Shipping now!

Superbox #18
Superbox #18 Fermented Cosmetics

This is 5 full size items and 2 masks.

E Choice Fermented Bean Sleeping Pack
The Skin House Galactomyces Eye Cream
Grinif Galactomyces Treatment Toner
Swanicoco Intensive Vital Cream
Whamisa Organic Seed Hair Essence
Sooryehan Fermented Evening Primrose Mask

The Cost: $32 plus shipping

Currently Sold Out.

I'll update with links if I get a chance!  Personally, I think the Honey box is fantastic.  I want the Skin Factory Real Honey Ampoule mask so much!  The Beauty Recipe Propolis Magic sounds good, too!  That's a lot of Galactomyces in the Fermented Cosmetics.  I was also expecting... well, cosmetics.  Make up.

What were you expecting?  Did you get either of these boxes?  Tell me what you think!

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  1. YES YES YES I'm so happy!! that Secret Key Honey Bee Spot Remover I wanted to buy that one a month ago but I didn't because I'd spent already so much. I'm so happy!! :d and everything else is also awesome!! I love honey ! best spoiler ever.!! worst commet ever. with a lot of typos think!! :D when restocked you should get it :D