Monday, June 30, 2014

Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Memeboxes?

Memebox Global

Memebox is definitely doing something right.  Why?  Because I can't stop buying boxes!  All these free points they are giving out have really "helped" me buy some of the boxes I thought would be either something I would want or something fun and interesting.

I thought I would put together a list of the boxes I will be receiving in order to see just how much I have coming.  I have not, as yet, counted my boxes and I don't know when they are shipping so this will help me get organized.

RECEIVED (links are to my reviews):
Luckybox #1
Memebox #10
Naked Box #14
Mini #1                              
Mini #2                              
Memebox From Nature             
Scentbox Grapefruit                 
Superbox #23 Summer       
Memebox Oriental Medicine
Memebox Skincare

Memebox #13              
Superbox Pomegranate       

Superbox Fermented Cosmetics 2  Ships July 25th August 4th

*Superbox At Home              Ships July 29th
Memebox Vitamin Care        Ships August 1st
*Memebox Cooling Care       Ships August 1st
*Memebox Waterproof          Ships August 5th
*Memebox Zero Cosmetics   Ships August 5th
Memebox Luckybox #8        Ships August 5th
Memebox Brightening          Ships August 12th
*Memebox SuperFood         Ships August 14th
Memebox K-Beauty             Ships August 14th
*Memebox K-Spa                Ships August 14th
Memebox #14                      Ships August 24th
Scentbox Tropical Fruit       Ships August 29th
Scentbox Sweet Shop          Ships August 29th
Scentbox Floral                   Ships August 29th
*Memebox Anti-Aging #3  Ships September 5th
*Memebox Tea                    Ships September 5th
Memebox #15                     Ships September 24th

*Expedited Delivery
**updated 8/1

Do you think I'm out of control?!  YES!  Does this list make you feel better about what you have purchased from Memebox? :D  How am I going to use all the things that I'm getting!?

I think I'm going to have way more things than I know what to do with!  Stockings this year are going to be rockin!

I was so excited about the Summer Box and Oriental Medicine but now I'm ALSO super excited about Zero Cosmetics and SuperFood!  Oh, and Pomegranate!  And Vitamin Care!

So far my favorite box has been Memebox From Nature and my least favorite was Hair and Body #2.

What about you?  How many Memeboxes are you waiting for and which ones are you the most excited about?


  1. hahaha xD you are just fine, don't worry! xD haha you have some awesome boxes coming your way! Jealous of your summerbox! These are my boxes: enjoy counting xD

  2. Its okay I have just as many boxes if not a little bit more! I recently just found memebox in april and am in love with it. I only started getting into makeup and skincare in march too lol. but with all the goodies i found at memebox i couldn't resist. my wallet is really empty now lol.

    1. You are like me!! I found them in April, too! I started getting more interested in skincare and make up in February so I'm right there with you :D

  3. Holy smokes that's a lot! I just ordered my second one. Haha. Small steps. I'm still bummed that right when I made up my mind to use the $15 code you posted (thank you!) to get the Cute box, they ran out!! :(

    1. It's a good thing! Now you can use it on something else :D Actually, I was sad I waited too long, too. I missed out on it as well. Also, I think I have a problem... I might have a memebox addiction! Might....

  4. Holy... crap. That's a lot. XD

    But it's also why I think you're the best source for Memebox stuff!

  5. Actually this makes me think that i am out of control! I have ordered waaayyy too many boxes! Oops!

    1. I look at my list and think the same thing ;) I just saw someone who had purchased 81 boxes and I felt SO much better :P

    2. Ok that makes me feel better too! I think my total count is around 40+ but I've only received 10 of those so far. I went crazy but I really only purchased ones I was really really interested in, I thought I was being picky but maybe not picky enough!

    3. I thought I was being very selective until I wrote out this list. >.< Apparently I need to be a lot more picky, too. :D

  6. That is an epic number of Memeboxes! I just ordered the "Smile Care" box. From what I can tell that's not their most popular box, but I have a weird fascination with oral hygiene products so curiosity got the better of me. :P

    1. That is why I have so many Memeboxes... Curiosity. Plain and simple. Gets me every time!

  7. Wow that is going to be some collection when it all arrives. I've just received my first box and love it. Is there any memeboxs you would recommend the most? X

    1. My biggest recommendation is to get the global numbered boxes. I think Memebox #15 is on sale right now. It doesn't ship till September but I think they have the best variety and the best value. Or a Luckybox when one comes available :D Both boxes are $23 plus shipping but if you get an awesome code like TRYMEMEBOX for $15 off, its REALLY worth it!

  8. Oh gosh, I thought it's just me haha! Ordered 5 boxes, and tempted to get the new Travel Beauty and Brightening! Looking at your list makes me want to just go for it!

    1. I just had to add the Brightening Box to my list >.< It could be so good!! I couldn't resist :D

  9. *Weeps* I counted and came in at 77 boxes, that's not counting the duplicates when I pick up ones for my buddies occasionally. Is there a Memebox Anonymous Club? Although, I really must say my skin and hair have never looked better!

    1. ohmy. That is a LOT of boxes! I've already thought I probably will need a 12-step program to get away from Memeboxes but I haven't reached the point where I really want to change ;) *lol* Plus, I'm with you, my skin and hair (and feet!) have never looked better :D

  10. oh my I am not even sure :O I think I am waiting for 4 or 5...
    Most excited am I about the milk and oriental medicine box. I am obsessed with milk themed skin care and i always wanted to try oriental style skin care.

    1. I am so jealous of your Milk box!! The contents are amazing! In my opinion the Milk box ended up being way better than the Oriental Medicine. Although they're very different so I shouldn't compare :D