Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memebox The Mask Edition #3 Review
My Memebox The Mask Edition #3 was delivered today along with my Pore Care #2 Superbox (you can see that review here) and I was never happier to stay home all day waiting for that DHL guy to get here.
First Look!  I was so happy to see several kinds of masks and was really curious to see what was in that long box.
All my masks! SO many masks!  I am so happy right now.  They also included several masks of one type which I really, really appreciate.  One mask is nice but two is much better.  In the case of one mask I received in this box, there are FIVE! Woohoo!!
DewyTree Gold Hydro-Gel mask (3)- This gold infused facial mask is used for soothing and moisturizing as well as detoxing and firming your skin.  The mask itself can be melted in hot water and used as an essence.  I might use these right before I get in the shower then take the mask with me.  That seems more efficient since I don't take baths.

Purederm Firming Lift Multi-Step V-Line Treatment (2)-  So this is completely ridiculous and I don't even care.  I'm using it.  This is actually really fun because its got two parts.  The top part of the package is the firming and lifting gel which you apply to clean skin.  It's got sodium hyaluronate in it so it really will moisturize and plump up the skin temporarily. Then the second (bottom part) is a mask that hooks over your ears (I'm not kidding, it's hilarious).  This part of the mask is enriched with collagen and gingko leaf extracts to help tighten up your sagging underchin.  I don't really have a sagging underchin but this is way too fun not to do.  And theres TWO!
PureDerm Intensive Lip Care Gel Patch (1)-  So I'm a little sad there's only one of these, especially if I use it and love it.  I feel like I always have chapped lips and I wonder if this will help.  It's a lip shaped patch with shea butter and cranberry.  It's supposed to be left on for 20 minutes but I don't know if I can stop talking long enough to do that... :)

Purederm PulpMask (3)-  There are three masks of the same type and brand but with different "flavors".  I have Raspberry Collagen, Aloe Collagen and Pearl Essence.  The Raspberry has raspberry extract, collagen and vitamin E and is for brightening and moisturizing.  The Aloe has aloe extract, collagen and vitamin E and is for soothing troubled skin as well as hydrating.  Aloe is an antiseptic so its good for acne prone skin.  The Pearl Essence mask has pearl extract (is that even a thing??), green tea extract and witch hazel and is for minimizing pores and brightening the skin.  Fun!
Rubelli Bio Cellulose Eye Patch (5)- This mask is made from fermented coconut extracts and propolis extracts and will thoroughly replenish and brighten up darkened skin around your eyes.  Is this a foreshadowing of what might be in Fermented Cosmetics 2??  This has niacinamide and adenosine which are both very good at getting rid of dark circles! I'll use these for sure.

23YearsOld Air-laynic Pore Mask (1)-  This is the syringe one.  You spread the gel on the sheet mask part and then put it on your skin.  This is supposed to draw out blackheads and reduce the appearance of blemishes.  It says that it may sting and you should leave it on for 20 minutes.  There are two masks, so I'm guessing its for two applications.  The material of the masks reminds me the Biore strips for your nose.

VERDICT:  Love this box!!  Is the Mask #4 still available?!  I'm in mask heaven, really.  This is a fantastic spread of masks, too.  So many different types makes it a lot of fun.  They also cover a wide area of application, from your "underchin" to your under eye and everything in between, there is something for every part of your face.  Very well done!  There are also four brands represented which I like.  Variety is the spice of life, right? My life is very spicy right now because I have 8 masks to choose between tonight!  Memebox did good with this one.

Did you get this Mask Edition #3?  I just checked and Memebox The Mask Edition #4 *is* available right now!  I'm guessing as soon as these reviews get out, it's going to get snapped up pretty quick.
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  1. This box is amazing, soooooo many masks!! Those pulp masks looks nice! you do have to try the V line masks for fun :P the brand is good :)
    Can't wait for my maskbox #4 :D