Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memebox Mini #3 Content Reveal

If you've been waiting for your Memebox Mini #3 to arrive and you really want to spoil the surprise for yourself, then I am here for you!

The box is sold out and so far no more Memebox Minis have been released much to my own sadness.

Memebox Minis are $15 total including shipping and have 5-6 deluxe size samples and/or foil packets.

These were an amazing deal and I'm still kicking myself for missing Mini #3.  Especially now that I know what's in it.  /sigh

Illy Cleansing Oil and Foam Set- 15ml and 3 foils- A powerful yet gentle cleanser that dissolves all traces of daily grit and make up.  Infused with oriental medicinal extracts, this set brightens skin tone and improves elasticity in the skin.

Atrue Darjeeling Black Tea Anti-Wrinkle Essence-2mlx5- Infused with real black tea extracts, this essence improves the texture and clarity of the skin.  Sprinkle into your hands and press into your skin.

Atrue Real Black Tea True Active Essence-30ml- A fermented black tea formula in a toner that will revitalize and firm the skin while boosting radiance.

Compagnie Coloniale Earl Grey Superieur Tea-2 bags-  An English Black Tea, sip for calming and antioxidant benefits.

Atrue Darjeeling First Anti-Wrinkle Cream-10ml- Moisturizing and replenishing, this cream provides antioxidant benefits plus vitamin B5 to help strengthen cell walls and soothe irritated skin.

So, this box doesn't have a whole lot of brand variety which is kind of a bummer but it makes up for that with awesome products!  I really hope I see that Illy Cleansing Oil in the Oriental Medicine box!  And maybe the tea in the Office Essentials box.  And the ATrue Anti Wrinkle Cream in the Vitamin box...  Okay, I'll stop.

Still, these are sample sizes but they've provided 5 foils (not just one or two!) which I think is a good thing.  This feels really close to a whole skin care regimen with the cleanser, the essences and the moisturizing cream.  I love tea so I adore the fact they've included some!

In short, I would have loved this box.  Only two brands are represented which is disappointing but the products themselves make up for that.  I love Korean essences! 

Did you get this box?  What do you think of it and/or do you have a favorite product in it already?


  1. LoL really something I need..I have so many wrinkles xD (lol no,, I'm 23) it must be extra soft for the skin with losts of moist right ;) rather bought the minibox 2xD I do love the tea!!

    1. Did you get this one?? I'm so jealous! If they did a whole Tea box, I would buy it and hope these were in there!

    2. Yeah they should make an korean snack/tea box for one time :D all kinds of nice things that are also good foor body & skin to eat/drink! :D

  2. I'm so excited about this box! I love the surprise tea theme and it seems really substantial (especially considering that I paid about $5 for it!). WOO!

    1. I totally should have mentioned the tea theme! I also love it and I'm hoping we see the bigger versions in some upcoming boxes :D