Monday, June 23, 2014

Memebox Office Essentials Review

I received my Memebox Office Essentials box today!  I feel like I waited forever for the DHL guy to get here, too.  Haha!  Finally, though! He did tell me that there is a place online where I can tell them that I don't need a signature and then they will just leave the box on the porch.  Unfortunately, I was so excited about my Memebox that I can't remember what he called the form!  Oh, well.
Here it is!  This box is currently sold out and was $23 plus shipping.  The spoiler for this box was the Secret Key Starting Treatment Aura Mist with Galactomyces Essence.
Hope Girl- 140 Super Lash Mascara- Lift, define and lengthen even your tiniest lashes.  Glossy, jet-black color.  I can always use more mascara!  And this is the best mascara ever.  Seriously.  I have never used a mascara that is more perfect than this.  It makes the longest, most perfect natural looking lashes and it does not smudge.  Even if you sleep on it.  Twice.  It's still easy to get off because it sort of rolls up off your lashes when you wipe it off with a cotton pad.  In little clumps.  Does that even make sense?  I love this.  My new HG mascara, hands down.

Rivecowe Sebum Control Convenient Compact- Touch up with this pancake powder designed to mattify oily skin.  Results last up to 8 hours.  Also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives a smooth complexion.  This is SO cute!  I haven't used it yet because its so cute.
Pure Smile Refresh Tissue Citrus Punch (2)-  Two purse packs of refreshing tissues for your skin.  Citrus berry scent and cooling ingredients will leave you fresh and smelling good.  You can use these in your armpits , your face and to clean your desk.  They do smell good!

Maxim Maxim Mocha Gold-  Instant coffee!  I was hoping it was some kind of instant tea, but its coffee.  It's actually coffee with cream and doesn't taste bad at all.  Just like basic coffee machine coffee.
Label Young Shocking Toner-  Very gentle toner combined with a lotion and essence all in one.  Formulated with no alcohol, this will re-hydrated your skin and help maintain a proper moisture/oil balance.  This has a really interesting texture and comes with a spatula.  I may try to find another home for this (like a pump bottle) just because I don't really like jars.  This reminds me of that old Dep Styling Gel (is anyone old enough to remember that?).  It smells a little citrusy and goes on totally smooth.  I accidentally dumped it over and so I used some of what had spilled out all over my arms and legs.  I didnt want to waste it!  I'm super soft now.
Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lipgloss-  Apparently, you can expect to be kissed at the office. :D  Propolis, honey and jojoba oil mosturize and hydrate for a smooth finish. This is a gel!  It's completely clear.  It smells like... shampoo.  It tastes kinda like it, too.  It's a little sticky but not bad.  The smell is really throwing me off.  It's so perfumey.

Lovey Dovey Perfume Fabric Mist- Spray on clothes and body for a just laundered scent.  Mine is Christmas Scented.  I can't decide if I like it.

VERDICT:  You possibly noticed that there was NO SECRET KEY TREATMENT AURA MIST in this box!  Let me tell you that I *did* notice immediately.  Why?  Because its the whole reason I bought this box!  Not too happy right now since there was no notice that there was going to be a switch.  Sadly, what they switched it out for isn't even close to the same except that it's in a spray bottle.  This has been my first Memedisappointment and I am disappointed.  However, this box does have both good and fun items and I appreciate the full sizes.  Everything in this box will be used except the dastardly Christmas Fabric Mist that replaced my longed for Secret Key Mist.

Memebox has compensated for the lack of the Secret Key Mist by awarding 10 Memepoints to those who purchased the Office Essentials Memebox.  If you have not received your points, please email them.

If you'd like to check out Memebox and possibly start your own collection, head to Memebox and get started!  It's a lot of fun, I can't lie.

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  1. What do you think of the toner smell ( i think it has like an extreme amount of carbonic scent to it)
    I wished that the instant coffe was chocolate milk! haha 'cause I hate cofee :)
    If a fun box, not my favorite but yeah fun :)

    1. Ps i'm lso sad about the mist being replaced

    2. I think that you got a bad one, Marjolein. Mine smells pretty good. No alcohol smell at all! You mean the Shocking Toner, right?

    3. Yeah but I smell things sometimes weird.. like smell the ingredients apart from eachother.. It must be me :D

  2. I can't believe they would do this. :( I hope they can resolve this for you!

    But I think the lipgloss looks really awesome because I love applicators/packaging like that. :D The Toner also looks really intriguing, though I would never know what it was unless you told me. XD

    1. This is why I'm so glad they have info cards! Because, really, half the things they send are a mystery until you read the card :D