Friday, June 27, 2014

Memebox Orange Colorbox and Red Colorbox Contents!

Memebox really knows how to make a box sound amazingly strange and interesting. I will give them that. With that said, I had honestly no interest in a make up box with Orange, Red OR Blue contents but I'm pretty boring in the make up department really.

The Red Colorbox cost $15 plus shipping and includes 5 full size items!
Colorbox #1 Red

Memebox Red Color Box Contents:

Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss

Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #21 Pink Sprinkling

Dearberry Flirt Lipstick 08 Red Parade

Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner 04 Sexy Vampire Burgundy

L’Ocean Eyeshadow L-35 Red

If you want to see a REALLY EXCELLENT review of this box, Iris over at boxesfordays has taken great pictures and swatched all these items for you! Head over there and check out in living color what you will be getting.

 Colorbox #2 Orange

The Memebox Orange Colorbox also sold out nearly immediately.  I don't know.  Orange is SO iffy!  But I'm sure those of you who got it will be happy!

The Cost: $15 plus shipping

Here is what your Orange Colorbox will contain:

Dearberry Flirt Lipstick in 06 Million Dollar Orange

Dearberry Today Nail Laquer in #19 Grapefruit Smoothie

L'OCEAN Eyeshadow L-29 Pastel Orange

And here is the review with photos and detailed information:

It's interesting to note that these two boxes contained the same brands and types of items but for some reason, the Orange Colorbox only had four items.  I'm not sure why that is, maybe it was a mistake?

I'm really not into these colors so it's hard to get super excited about them.  Now the Grapefruit box!!  That I'm excited about!  Memebox has got some great boxes up now, too.  Check them out!

What about you?  Did you get any Colorboxes?!  What do you think of the products?

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  1. AWWW YOU ARE TOO KIND :) hehehehe. <3

    1. It's true! Its a good one! I liked all the pictures. And umm... Sexy vampire burgundy is seriously hilarious.

  2. :DDD Thank you! And LOL IKR? Obviously, that alongside the eyeshadow is for you to create your own sexy vampire look. :p

  3. I'm gonna love these boxes just because they are so crazy!! :D I'll think of something with those extreme colors, it will be an adventure :D

    1. Do you have Halloween in NED? You could play dress up ;)