Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Memebox Releases Luckybox #8!

Here's your chance!  Luckybox #8 is now available!  Get it here!

The Cost: $23 plus shipping... Wait... shipping appears to be free?  Strangely?! Totally free?! They fixed it.

What You Get:  Four to eight full and deluxe size Korean Beauty products featured in past Memeboxes and Luckyboxes.

This box ships August 5th.

After global numbered Memeboxes, Luckyboxes are the next best thing for variety and value.  If you missed out on earlier Memeboxes, this is a great box to start with!


  1. They also restocked luckybox 4, colorbox #2 orange and free from oil and troubles for those who want their boxes asap and I paid the old shipping charges. Might have ordered the luckybox 8 this morning and didnt pay shipping at all and got $3 off!

    1. Woohoo!! Now if only they restock the Honey Box, I will be SO happy!!