Thursday, June 19, 2014

Memebox Restocks for June 2014 + Bad News

Memebox has restocked several boxes today!

The restocked boxes are:

Superbox #6 Anti Aging- $59 Read list of the contents HERE.

Superbox # 7 banila co.- $49 Read contents of box HERE.

Memebox for Hair and Body (the first one)- $23  Read list of contents HERE.

Memebox The Mask #1- See contents of box HERE.

Memebox Global #9-  Read contents of box here (plus a link to a great review)

Of all these boxes, I recommend Memebox Global #9 the most and Superbox #7 banila co. the least.  The Superbox Anti-Aging is almost a tie for my favorite but its far more expensive which bumps it down my list.

The Hair and Body is also has great products but I think The Mask editions have improved since this first one.  It does have the Keyskin eye patches which I think are awesome but the rest isn't very interesting (to me, anyway, I know we are all different!).

I've already got Hair and Body #2 coming and I seriously think Mask #3 was to die for!  I would go for Mask #4 before I went for Mask #1, just because they're just getting better.

Don't forget to use MEMEBUNDLE3 for $5 off if you get 3 Memeboxes.
Or MEMEBOXKIIP to get $5 off any order.
Or FLQO5H or PELG4PGJVBXD $3 off if you've used the other ones before.

And you can also email and tell them that you were recommended to Memebox by Bits and Boxes and they will give you $5 in Memepoints!

I'm just bummed the Honey box hasn't been restocked!!  I want that one so much now!


Now here is the BAD NEWS.  And it is a big BAD NEWS, too.

Memebox will now be charging $6.99 shipping for EACH Memebox in your order!  This starts on June 23rd.  I was debating getting a couple Memeboxes but I'm definitely getting them now.  I don't want to pay extra shipping!  Especially when it's already too high (in my opinion). 

I honestly think this was a big mistake on their part.  I'm hoping that they rescind this very quickly.  I think it will really hinder their sales. 

They are saying that it just means you should buy a Value Box Set and that they are working on providing more options in that area.  I don't quite understand the mindset.  Unless they start making Choose Your Own Value Box Set with a drop down menu, I just don't see the point of having more Value Sets.  Maybe they hope that people will buy boxes they don't want in order to get the boxes they DO want without having to pay extra shipping...  Hmm...

What do you think about this new shipping rule?  Do you think they'll keep it up?

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too!! I have so many boxes coming this month and I'm excited for every single one of them! Ahhh!! So fun!

  2. I'm thinking of buying the memebox #9.. :)

    1. I'm surprised you didn't already get it! Do you recommend Hair and Body? Did you try anything yet from your box?!

    2. I've tested these from the hair & body the rest not yet :O I'm waiting for emails back from memebox before I'm buying ;)

    3. I bought it :) (new account, couldn't wait :P)

    4. I've updated this post to reflect that bad shipping news. You better buy everything before the 23rd or you'll pay double or triple shipping! Ack! Fermented Box, here I come!

    5. Indeed I bought pomegranate, foot care and the memebox #9 :) (with 3 different accounts)
      Also hair & body ver #2 spoiler: SPA Vita Berry Shampoo & Berry Treatment Set from the today's sale... yeah you need that fermented box :D Now i'm gonna wait for what they give us for the weekend :) and I think I'm gonna crash on the couch... 5:15 am (so much meme distraction!)

    6. I am REALLY excited about the Pomegranate one (in case you couldn't tell from some of my posts). Wait! Spoiler for my hair box?! I've gotta check that out!

    7. I know I saw.. You named the brightning effect and I was sold!! :D yes your box if you got the ver #2:D costs 38 :D

  3. Speaking of bad news from Memebox, I'm so bummed to hear about the shipping policy change. What happens if you don't want to buy a combo box and you want to stock up on a few of the older boxes that are being restocked? Those are rarely in the memebundles. Not only that, I sometimes purchase boxes for friends, being charged an additional 7.00 will impact my giving spirit a bit. Instead of buying one box for me and two buddies at the current shipping rate. An extra 21.00 for it to arrive in the same box isn't even remotely appealing. :(

    1. I absolutely agree. It's terrible! Honestly, I think that they'll figure out really quick that it's not a smart business move when their revenues drop. They're a young business so they are going to make mistakes.
      It's not sensible to make people pay $21 (!!!!!!!!) in shipping for ANYTHING. Unless it's a canoe or a washing machine!
      It's going to be a big deterrent to purchases. I didn't even think about the restocks but you are absolutely right! I hope they restock my coveted Honey box before the 23rd...