Monday, June 23, 2014

Memebox Shipping Coupons + Memebox #15!

Memebox has now implemented their new Shipping Charges:

"Starting from today, Memebox will be implementing standard shipping fees of $6.99 per box ordered! Therefore, you can now choose your favorite shipping method for each individual box that you purchase! This step is necessary to streamline our beauty box pre-order system and support our efforts for future international shipping destination expansions."

Luckily, in order to ease everyone into it, they have released some coupon codes for shipping on second boxes.

Memebox Global #15 Until the end of June, use PromoCode: SHIP4CHEAP2, and we'll pay for standard shipping on 1 of your boxes when you buy 2 boxes or more! 
 Also, for you Memebox Fans who like to buy more than 2 boxes at a time, we’re putting out more Value Set assortments in which you only have to pay 1 standard shipping fee of $6.99! 
You can only use ONE promo code so if you use SHIP4CHEAP2 you will not be able to use any of the dollar off codes.
 Don't forget to pick up your Memebox Global #15 for $23, along with your K-Style and OMG boxes!
If you purchase a Value Set, you cannot use SHIP4FREE2 but you *can* use coupon codes like MEMEKIIP or code FLQO5H or PELG4PGJVBXD.
K-Style and OMG boxes have been restocked and they are still on sale!

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  1. I'm so happy I bought the #11 ~#16 bundle. now I don't have to worry about this box :P
    are you gonna get it?