Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memebox Superbox #16 Hair Reveal

Superbox #16 Home-care Hair Box has arrived to put an end to all your bad-hair days! This ultimate hair care packet will transform your dry, frizzy hair into lustrous and healthy locks without ever having to go to a beauty salon for expensive hair treatments!

The Cost: $29

1) Saerom Cosmetics RNA-3 Hair Repair Keratin Water 30ml
2) Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Ampoule 24ml
3) Esthetic House CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System 25ml
4) Green Tree Baobab Oil 125ml
5) Glam Up Brilliant Steam Hair Pack 1each
6) Assoter Scalp Scaling Gel 15ml
 7) Assoter Scalp Massaging Brush 1each

While this was a less expensive Superbox, I was still very surprised to see a Superbox with what I would consider deluxe sample sizes.  Most of these appear to be one time use items, as well.  I would put the Scalp Gel, Ceramide Treatment and Glam Steam Hair Pack in that category.  The Baobab Oil and Keratin Water are both spray bottles and the Oil is a nice size.  However, Memebox sells the Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Ampoule for $12 for FIVE but only one was received in this box.

The cost for this box was $29 plus shipping.  I am feeling like the value just isn't there for this box.  A handful of one time use items is not what should be put in a superbox.  Superboxes are supposed to have only full-size items.  I understand that these items are one size only but no one even sells them as singles.  They come in packs of five and four!  At the very least, four Assorter Scalp Gels and four Boutique Hair Ampoules should have been included.  That would put more super in the superbox.

This box still is available for sale if you would like to purchase it.  Or you can get the Glam Steam Pack on Ebay for $7 and the full set of five Boutique Hair Ampoules at Memebox for $12.
I bought the Hair and Body 2 box and if it has these kinds of items, I am going to be grumpy.  Actually, I really want that steam pack and if I don't get one in the Hair and Body 2 box I am going to get one on Ebay.  That's how much I want to try those things!


  1. Oh thanks for this,, I already had that box in my cart (for if the code works again) gone with it. Too much in it I really don't want/need :)

    I just emailed them about the codes :) hopefully I get something back soon.

    1. Oh, good! I just don't think it's worth it. I wasn't going to get it anyway because I have the Hair and Body 2 coming but still... Oh, good, let me know what happens.