Monday, June 16, 2014

Memebox Superbox #17 Gangnam Style Reveal

                                         Superbox #17

Memebox Superbox #17 Gangnam Style shipped on June 13th. The cost for this sold out box was $32.

This box contains a total of 8 items!  Not included in the collage is the V-Line Banding Mask.  There are 2 masks in this box.

1. Water Queen's Argan Tree Moisture Cream 100ml ($7)
2. V-Line Banding Mask x2  ($24)
3. Lady Kin Real Like Innateline Eyebrow 0.5g ($8)
4. Tosowoong Glam "Aegyo sal" Under Liner 2g ($15)
5. Dual Shaking Lip Tint 5.7g ($28)
6. Rivecowe Shine Blusher 7g ($14)
7. Grinif Skin Repair BB Blemish Balm 50ml ($65)

I was so worried, thinking that this box would be full of really strange things.  Actually, though, it's a pretty fun box!  The Rivecowe Shine blusher comes in one of three colors and its seriously adorable.  The Real Like Eyebrow Liner is definitely useable.  I think it might only come in brown but I could totally be wrong.  The Grinif brand is excellent and we have seen it in Memeboxes before but I'm pretty sure this is a first for their BB cream.  The Glam Under Liner is kinda funny.  It's for creating eyebags!!  Check the link and it will show you how to do it all.  I'm not sure I would use it for that...  The liptint is so Korean to me.  It's all about the gradient lip which I totally cannot pull off with my skinny lips.  But the colors!  Vampire, Blood or Orange! Ack!

Not pictured is the V-Line Mask.  There are two of them and I think they hook at your ears and go around your chin in order to help your chin be round?  So you can have a nice round face?  Or maybe to get rid of the double chin?  I honestly have no idea.  Still, I think thats fun and I'm VERY glad to see that they have included TWO of them.  I think its such an easy thing to put in two masks and they really should.

So. Honestly?  I'm a little sad I didn't get this box!  I really, really like it!  It's got some fun things (the blush and under eye liner), some ridiculous things (the masks and the lip tint), and some genuinely useable products (the moisturizer and the Grinif BB cream).  Everything is full size, there are two masks, and the variety is spectacular.  This is a perfect superbox!

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  1. I'm so happy now!! :D can't wait for it to arrive :) to make the perfect aegyo sal look :D
    The V line mask is perfect because thats to make your jawline more in a V shape. Korean girls really want a V shaped face and not a round one. Thats also why you see Korean girls holding their hands in a way close to their face to express how V shaped their jawline is :) (check