Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memebox Superbox Pore Care #2 Review

My Memebox Superbox Pore Care #2 arrived today (along with my Mask #3!) and I was so happy I was home because DHL did make me sign for it.  You can read my Memebox The Mask Edition #3 here.
Here's the first look and it's a good one!  Look at all that full size stuff!  This is my very first Superbox and I'm pretty excited about it.
This box does have a really great selection of products and brands.  There are several that I can't wait to try tonight.  I'm always glad they have an info card because most of these products only have instructions in Korean.

WithMe White Perfection Foaming Cleanser-120ml-Yes! It's a cleanser in a tube!  It's made with silk and marine extracts and detoxifies the skin while gently removing make up and dissolving oil.  It rinses away pore-clogging debris to refine skin texture, brighten skin clarity and minimize the look of pores.  This is going in the shower so that my husband can also use it. 

Tosowoong Spot Clean Pore Brush- This is a brush consisting of very fine bristles.  It is for use with the foaming cleanser.  One you have a lather with the cleanser, you massage your face with this brush!  It even has a little hanger so it can also go in the shower.
Grinif Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer-15ml- This silky primer smoothes and perfects the skin while the unique formula fills in lines and wrinkles for a flawless finish.  Oh, I need that.  Something to fill in the little lines that are appearing. 

Label Young Shocking Pack-100g- This is an exfoliating cleanser with micro beads and is for use once a week.  It smells amazing!  It's supposed to be extra good at clearing out your pores so they'll be less noticeable.
Cosrx Ciracle Pore Control BlackHead Off Sheets-30 sheets- I think this is kind of like a Biore strip except its a pad and its already wet.  It comes with tiny tweezers!  I thought when I first saw them that they were for pinching your pores or something but no, it's just to help you grab each little pad.  I'm using these first thing.  I'll let you know how they work!

Cheek Room Loose Powder-11g- This is the cutest thing ever.  Look at the puff!  It looks like a bunny tail with a bow.  The container is round like a ball with a little flat part on the bottom of the container so it won't roll around.  Such cute packaging!  This is a translucent powder that sets your make up and creates a flawless finish.  The soft-focus appearance smoothes away fine lines and imperfections and also helps control excess oil.

VERDICT:  I was really curious about what would be in this box and I think Memebox did a great job with this curation.   There are two cleansers, one foaming and one exfoliating.  One mask type product with the Ciracle Pore Control sheets.  Two pore minimizing beauty products with the Grinif BB cream and Cheek Room Powder.  On top of that, there is a tool!  Have there been tools in other boxes?  I love the inclusion of the Pore Brush even if it probably doesn't work.  It's a good sign for other boxes.  Maybe we will get make up brushes, too.

This box was great.  I'm very happy with it.  A variety of brands and products makes it fun and adventurous.  At least I feel adventurous trying out something called a Shocking Pack and using the Ciracle Blackhead Out sheets!

Did you get this box?  What did you think of it?  What was your favorite and least favorite product in it?  My favorite would have to be the Ciracle Blackhead Out Sheets and my least favorite the Grinif Primer.  Not because its a primer or I don't like the brand but ONLY because I have a go to primer that I love and know won't break me out. 

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  1. omg what an amazing box!! such good products, lucky youuuu! :D those Ciracle sheets must really be amazing, I really love that brand! Could you review the shocking pack, really curious how it feels in your skin. I love the powder from cheekroo so cute!! I really really did got lucky with this box!! :D enjoy!!

    1. Okay, I just used the shocking pack and the WithMe Foaming cleanser. The shocking pack smells really good and it looks like clay. It has little beads in it that you massage over your face. It's got a strange consistency. It is a bit stringy like the Bounce Cheese Cream. I didn't really feel like my face was clean after I used it. Then I used the WithMe foaming cleanser. Wow! I like that a lot. It smells good and feels good on your face and rinses off really nicely. My skin looked really good in the mirror and feels super soft with no rough spots now. Now I have my Ciracle sheet on my nose :D

    2. So its a circle. Which really doesn't fit on your nose too well. You'd probably have to do two at the same time to get both sides of your nose. However, it was a good way for me to see how well it worked. Um... It's AMAZING! It totally works! It really cleans out your pores SO well. There was a definite difference between the side of my nose that had it and the side that didn't. I'm gonna keep using it for sure!