Friday, June 20, 2014

New Memeboxes! Get them before Shipping Prices Rise!

Memebox has new boxes out for the weekend!

New Arrival Boxes + Early Bird Deals! Save up to $6!

Fridays have never been better because we've got 2 newly arrived boxes at up to $6 off!

K-Style Cosmetics:
Ever wondered how K-celebrities look like a million bucks without looking like they're caked on with makeup? Now, you can create your favorite Korean style look with our K-Style Box!

ON SALE for $20 (reg. $23)

O.M.G Box:
You've tried out our snail creams and cocoon peeling silk balls. Now, step up to the challenge and try our O.M.G. Box, loaded with weirdly cool beauty items!

ON SALE for $23 (reg. $29)

Make sure to either get the Value Set if you want both or if you have your eye on a few other boxes, too, that you buy them BEFORE June 23rd!
On June 23rd, they are raising the shipping price to $6.99 PER BOX! Unless you are buying a Value Set, then there is no change.
Keep that in mind!

Use code MEMEBUNDLE3 $5 off
Use code PELG4PGJVBXD for $3 off

And check out this post for boxes you can get an automatic $3 off on!

Also, make sure to ENTER MY MEMEBOX GIVEAWEAY here for a chance to win a free Memebox!


  1. I also saw that there are new boxes, but honestly I am not to optimistic about them. And you?

    1. I agree. I do not like to get make-up in my boxes. I prefer skincare and hair/body products. I do not think I will get either of these boxes. I am hoping they release more before June 23rd. I think they might!