Friday, June 27, 2014

NEW VIP Access Skincare Memeshop Boxes!!

Memebox has done it again!

Here are some VIP Exclusive Deals that I can share with you!!  Check it out!

These come with 7-9 products AND a Soapberry Bubble Cleanser!  

Don't forget to use codes: TRYMEMEBOX and MEMEBOXKIIP!  These are considered Memeshop Purchases but I know the TRYMEMEBOX works for sure.  I can't test the MEMEBOXKIIP because I've used it already.  If someone tries it and it works, I'd love it if you let me know!

Want It. Have It. Shop all the Skin Care Brands We ♥ at 10% Off
Move over because it's all about VIP skin! Get your best skin ever with this Best of Memeshop Skin Care Sets 1 & 2! It comes with 7 to 9 best-selling skin care products from our Memeshop. 

Plus, get a free full-sized O Soapberry Bubble Cleanser and free shipping with your FREESHIPPING coupon code. 

Contents of Memeshop Skincare #1

 Contents of Memeshop Box #2:

**Update 7/2**
The Memeshop Box #2 is no longer up for sale but if you did purchase it, you should have received an email letting you know that the Mandarain Energy Facial Oil will not be in the box.  Thank you, Adi, for letting us know.  I'm not sure what your options will be but I'm guessing Memepoints might be used as compensation. (That's pure speculation, though).

 What do you think of these combos?  These are some really great products.  Both of them have some items I've been coveting but I think this is too big of a chunk for me to spend at once even if it is an insane deal.  Mainly because I have Nina Garcia #NGQ03 coming soon. :D

Ahh!!  But these are full size, fabulous products.  Everyone has RAVED about those cocoon balls but they're outrageously expensive!  There's free shipping plus 10% off if I buy the box now instead of waiting...

But box #2 has those DK essences which are supposed to be magic for oily skin and the Re:cipe by Nature Green Tea Cleansing Oil is something I've been coveting.

And the Cacao Brightening Mask! I almost bought that Cacao Mask by itself.  Then I almost bought the Cacao Box just so I could get that mask.  It's calling to me!

Decisions, decisions.  The only bad thing is if I wait too long then I won't get the 10% off and the shipping won't be free unless I use the FREESHIPPING code which means I wouldn't be able to use the TRYMEMEBOX code and get that extra $15 off!

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  1. Just as an FYI, they recently sent out an email if your purchased the best of memeshop skin care box 2. The YESOOLIN Mandarin Facial Oil will no longer be featured in that box. No subs will be made. However, they have given options for the people who already purchased it and I'm sure that will apply to those who intend to purchase it in the future.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I will update the post. I wonder if that's why they removed it from the secret shop.