Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nina Garcia #NGQ03 Spoilers June 2014

If you didn't know that Nina Garcia was perfect before this, I would like to tell you that she is.

Her final spoiler before the shipping of her box (less than 100 left!) confirms what we've all been speculating!

Her latest tweet:

@ninagarcia: 4 days for the worldcup. Less than 100 boxes left. My‪#‎NGQ03‬ box will make you travel to Brasil and to the beach. TO SUBSCRIBE:

Brazil and the beach!  I, for one, am thrilled!

The Cost:  $100/quarterly.

What You Get: A box of fantastic products hand picked by Nina Garcia.  She usually has several items completely unique to her box that can't be purchased anywhere else.

See Full Review HERE!

The first hint was that one of the products had a retail of $100 and could be found at Net-A-Porter (to name one place).  After poring extensively over that site, I narrowed my ideas down to a Michael Kors Clutch, golden earbuds or several kinds of beauty products, including SK-II.  You can see pictures of my guesses in this link.

The next few hints all revolved around Brasil, Rio de Jainero and the World Cup!  Since Rio is the home of the famed Copacabana beach, I'm not really surprised that this box will be beach related.

I am super excited to see what she has included for beach gear!  Sunglasses, sunscreen, a facial hydrating mist? I hope there's no sunless tanning type thing.

She's got so many connections that I'm super curious to see what brands and items will be in her third box. Last time she made it clear that there were specially designed items for the box but she hasn't done that this time.

Oh, and then there's the fact that she promised something World Cup related in the box! Yeah!  I love knowing that she likes soccer/football/futbol.

This box will ship on June 28th.  Shipping notices should go out the following Wednesday so check your spam folders.

If you would like to subscribe to this box, head over to and sign up!



    Also trying to (fruitlessly) guess what the FFF items are. XD

    1. I know!! I asked when she thought it would ship but no answer :( I suppose I should be asking Quarterly since they're the ones shipping, not Nina. And yeah, guessing is kiiiinda hopeless with that spoiler pic. I gave up.

    2. I think it's possible that she/they wait until it sells out? IDK, but I'm sure it'll sell out soon so hopefully they'll be shipping out in the next week or so. :D I just really want to know what the World Cup item is so I can see how many trades I'll need to set up to get ALL the World Cup items. :p

      FFF took the fun out of everything, but I'm just hoping for a nice pattern on the bag.