Friday, June 6, 2014

Pashbox June 2014 Review + Coupon!

This is my very first Pashbox!  I'm so excited to do this review because I've never received a box quite like this and I am in love with it.

PashBox sends amazing accessories like scarves and sunglasses!  In fact, they have two different boxes you can subscribe to.  One is Sunglasses for $9/month where you will receive one pair of sunglasses a month!  If you live in Seattle like I do, this is a perfect box.  Why?  Yes, Seattle has more rain than sun but statistics show that more sunglasses are bought in Seattle than Miami!  Because we lose them in between the times when the sun comes out!

The other box is The Scarf Box!  You will receive 2-3 on trend scarves each month for $22!  Best of all, this box ships internationally for a reasonable shipping charge!  You can get this box anywhere in the world!

Here's the easy recap:

The Cost: $22 for The Scarf Box and $9 for The Sunglasses Box.  You can get your first box for $6 off using this link!  Pashbox uses Paypal subscriptions so that link will take you directly to the payment screen.

What You Get: Each month you will receive 2-3 on trend scarves in The Scarf Box and 1 pair of fabulous sunglasses in The Sunglasses Box!

Here's what I love.  The info card tells you why the owner and curator of PashBox chose the things she did.  I love getting insight into why certain things were chosen for subscription boxes and this is an especially genuine note to subscribers!

First Look!  I was not expecting to see snacks in my awesome accessory box but I will never say no to Stacy's.  Especially the Cinnamon Sugar ones.
The blue felt bag made things all the more interesting!  This box was a complete surprise to me.  I won it from Lauren at and had no idea what was going to be in here.

This months collection!!  I'm already in love!  Two amazing scarves, snacks and something mysterious in the blue bag!

D&Y The Perfectly Adjusted Scarf-  This scarf is BEAUTIFUL!  The colors are gorgeous, the tassels are fun and it is so versatile!  It actually comes with a hair tie which is used to arrange the scarf in the perfect wearing position but I didn't realize that and took it off.  Whoops.  But I used the hair tie when I went on my run today and I want more!  Seriously, this scarf is gorgeous.  I will wear it for sure.
Value: approx $20 (based on similar scarves by the brand)

Saachi Independence Day Scarf-  This scarf is appropriate for the 4th of July and any other occasion you want to show your patriotic spirit. This scarf is HUGE and I'm thinking it would look great as a wrap with my swimsuit.  Love!
Value: approx $25 (from similar scarves, I couldn't find this exact one)

Sunglasses- Vintage shaped with UV protection.  These don't look awesome on me sadly.  I'm more of an Aviators girl but these will make a great extra pair for when I lose my regular ones. :)  These aren't branded and aren't super high quality but that's okay with me!  Then I don't feel bad when I lose them.

Extra Tidbits- Goodies in the form of Stacy's Pita Chips, Haribo Gummi Bears (yeah, I already ate them) and an Airheads candy which totally reminded me of my kid days.

VERDICT: I love this box.  I am going to have to sign myself up!  I love the scarves.  I love the variety of scarves sent and I adore the addition of the sunglasses.  The snacks are a super fun bonus and I totally appreciate the thought that went into the curation of this box.

If you would like to subscribe, get $6 off by using this link to Pashbox Paypal payment screen and sign up!  The process is super simple and you can cancel anytime.  You can even get a one-time box for no extra charge!  I love that they don't charge extra for a one-time box, it's unusual for a subscription and a really great opportunity!  Do it!  If you love scarves and accessories, this is the box for you!

To get July's box you must subscribe by June 15th!

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  1. Sarah, thank you so much for the wonderful review. We are so pleased to hear how much you like your box!

    1. I absolutely loved it! It couldn't be any better!

  2. I'm never one to buy American flag-patterned anything, but that scarf is so gorgeous! The rustic coloring and the sheer material look amazing. *___* It's also super awesome that they included a snack in the box!

    1. I love the extra bits! The pink scarf is my favorite but there's no doubting the timeliness of the American Stars and Stripes! I will wear it for the World Cup :D