Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Restocked Memeboxes! Get them now! Also, Free Shipping?!

 Superbox #7 By Banila Co.Memebox Superbox #7 banila co.

The Cost: $49

Quite frankly, I don't recommend this box.  It wasn't worth the high price tag for the make up products that were in it.  I believe several of them were discontinued items and I didn't see any good reviews for it.
Memebox Free From Oil & Troubles

Memebox Mask Edition 2 Memebox Free From Oil and Troubles

The Cost: $23

Luckybox #4

Memebox The Mask Edition #2

The Cost: $23

This has the Keyskin Eye Patches in it!  I'm so tempted!  If I hadn't just got the Mask #3 last week I would get this one just for those!

Luckybox #4

This is a GREAT box!!  If you've never had a Luckybox, get this one!! It will ship immediately.

There's LESS THAN 10 LEFT!

Here are the contents of the Luckybox!

Okay, I'm posting this now so hopefully someone will have a chance to grab one!

Don't forget to use codes when you purchase!  Here are a few to get you started but check the Memebox Deals Tab for all of them.  I've also post the SUPER Secret Deals and Secret Deals on that Page.

SHIP4CHEAP2 to pay one box price for the shipping of two boxes.
MEMEBOXKIIP $10 off your purchase!  Yes! TEN!
MEMEBUNDLE3 for $5 off 3 Memeboxes

Spend above $70 and get an automatic EXTRA $3 off at checkout by using my links.

There seems to be something wrong with shipping!!  It's all free right now because Memebox screwed something up!!  Thats crazy!!   They fixed it :)

*affiliate links were used in the making of this post :)

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