Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sample Society and Random Thoughts

You may or may not have seen my post a few days ago about Sample Society and their Mystery Kit deals!  You can get 5 past Sample Society boxes for $25 or 2 past boxes for $15
When I first checked it out, there were only the 2 box deals left.  So I got one, of course, because I had skipped Sample Society this month.  Here's the link to the 5 packs, Kit B,D and E are currently available but it fluctuates a lot.

I was excited until I got an email saying "We are sorry but we can only send you one box."  They refunded me half of the price which was $8 something.  Which was good but I was still unhappy because I had to pay shipping for the boxes which was $6.  So I told CS that I wouldn't have purchased one box because the price of shipping was more than I was willing to pay.

I have to say this for Beauty Bar.  They have fantastic customer service.  The rep refunded my shipping charges immediately which was awesome!  I mean, I had actually wanted them to just send me any box but he said they couldn't do that.

Still.  I got that box today and I am so happy that I did.  I'm also happy that I bought 5 more for $25, too.  Except for the fact that I think I'm crazy at the same time.  Who needs that many boxes of samples?!  No one, really.  But it's so much fun!

This box is the February 2013 box.  It has Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse, Diptyque Eau de Toilette, Immunocologie Treatment Crème VenoMAX, LaRocca Moisturizing Cream and a full size Exude Lip Gloss is in that big white box.  It's really crazy looking...

It's a lip gloss.  But its in the shape of a lipstick.  And you twist the bottom and the color fills up the clear top part and then out the hole on top!  It's full size and is worth $30.  Oh, that Immunocologie Treatment Crème?  Yeah, that's an $80 jar of moisturizer.  So not counting anything else, this box which I got for $8 is already worth over $100.

And that's why I got 5 more boxes for $25! Haha!  Well, besides the fact that I love getting samples and presents in the mail.


You want to know what's funny?  Well, to me, at least.  My husband has been using that Tonymoly Egg Pore facial cleanser that I got from Beautique.  He's been sneaky about it, too.  That's the funny part.  Yesterday, I just put it on  his side of the counter.  Then he told me he's been using "all that fancy crap you have" in the shower.  Aww!  He cares about his skin and he hates his pores.

My poor sweet Bugsy has been not feeling well for two days.  I don't know whats wrong but he doesn't want to walk.  Yesterday, he wouldn't eat but today he is but he still just doesn't want to move.  I'm wondering if he ate something he shouldn't have at the World Cup party we had.  I think he had a fever earlier and I gave him some aspirin.  I feel like he's doing better but he's still not his happy self.  I think I might end up taking him to the vet tomorrow just get him checked out.

You know what I love?  My Smellbent St. Tropez from the May Popsugar box.  I keep it here at my computer desk and then just spritz myself whenever I feel like it.  While the scent seems powerful, it doesn't really last a long time.  I swapped for another bottle so I'm sure I have enough for the next ten years. :P

I still can't get over the fact that BeautyDNA sent me an It Cosmetics Luxe Powder Brush.  I wonder if they did that for everyone.  I should find out.  I would imagine they did because I'm not anything special to them even if I did write the nicest cancellation letter ever.

Have you been watching the World Cup?  I have.  It's like the one thing I love that has anything to do with sports.  I love the World Cup!  Right now I'm secretly dancing for joy that Spain is out.  They won it last time, four years ago, and I never did like them.  Spain was that guy you love to hate on your favorite TV show.  I'm gonna miss 'em but not really.  The USA is still in it!  I love having everyone over to watch the games, too.  If you have a Costco near you, you need to try the Tyson Cracked Black Pepper Wings.  Best food to feed anyone ever!


My garden is blooming!  It changes every day.

This is a picture of my Voodoo Lily (also known as a Dragon Lily or Snake Lily).  The first day it opens it stinks like rotting corpse.  We got lucky because it was raining the day it opened and so it wasn't so bad.  Now it's just pretty and eats flies.  It's about 14 inches tall from the bottom of the bulb to the top of the pointy bit.

This is my pink fuzzy astilbe and my cobra lilies!  This is the first year my cobra lilies have bloomed.

This part of my garden is filling in nicely!  It's actually probably too crowded and I'll have to do something about that in the Fall.  The thyme in the metal bucket is blooming and so are the white Japanese Irises.  This picture isn't great but my Nodding Onion (Allium) are also blooming.  That's the purple bits in the top right.

I went out today and found this in my side yard!  Yay!  The lilies made it.  They weren't eaten by deer or rabbits this year.  On the left is my Double Knockout Yellow Rose which just finished a bloom cycle.  It'll start back up again soon.  That is the only rose plant I have and it is wonderfully low maintenance and blooms for months.

Alright, I think that's all for now.  I have Escape Monthly, Bugsy's Box and Urthbox reviews coming up.  Next week I'll have Steepster and Tea Sparrow duking it out for my top tea subscription spot. Memebox Hair and Body 2 and Office Essentials ship on the 20th.  They'll be expedited so it's possible they'll arrive Saturday.  I might have to make my husband stay home and sign for them since I have a birthday party I can't miss.

One last thing:

Nina Garcia ships on the 28th!!


  1. Awww, I love this post! It has a little bit of everything. :)

    That lipgloss in a lipstick form? Totally awesome! I want one just to play with it. XD I hope the shade you got works for you!

    Haha, it's awesome that your husband is (sneakily) using your skin care products that you got from your subscription boxes. It's a great excuse for you to get more so that you can share. ;)

    I'm sorry to hear about Bugsy. :( I hope he gets better ASAP!! Hopefully it's nothing serious and just something in passing.

    That Dragon Lily looks intense. XD But seriously, your garden is just amazing. I'm in awe because I could never put in that much time and effort and sweat to produce anything close to what you have!

    1. Well, it's February 2013 Kit D... Are we getting that one? I already can't remember. :D The Lipgloss came in the color "Brown" and is pretty much lip colored. It's shiny, a little sticky and smells funny :\ It's still fun!
      Hopefully Bugsy is better in the morning. If not, vet-time. He's not gonna love that :P
      I never thought I would love gardening but I do! It *is* a lot of work and pretty time consuming. I've been feeling a little bad because blogging takes time away from weeding. I've got at least a day of weeding to do. So, in that respect, not having a garden is a good thing :D Less work, for sure!

      Also, Nina Garcia. That is all.