Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sample Society Super Awesome Sample Boxes x 5!

If you ever wanted to know what Sample Society was like in one fell swoop, here's your chance. This is a random sampling of Sample Society boxes from the past 9 months.

The Cost: $15/month.  Shipping is free.

What You Get: Five deluxe (and sometimes full) size beauty products delivered right to your door.

This particular batch of Sample Society boxes is a result of a mass clearance of old boxes by Sample Society to make way for their new and improved Allure branded box.  I got all five of these boxes for $25.  I checked and these are all currently out of stock.

September 2013-
Favorite Thing- L'occitane Immortelle Precious Cream!
Least Favorite- Funky barrette

August 2013
Favorite Thing- Jane Iredale PureLash Strengthener and Conditioner
Least Favorite- Supergoop

January 2014
Favorite Thing- butter London HorsePower!!!!
Least Favorite- Nicole Richie Perfume

February 2014
Favorite Thing- butter London in British Racing Green!!!!
Least Favorite- Diptyque Perfume

It's a little dusty from the paper crinkles but Ooooo!!!  Green!

May 2014
Favorite Thing- Sonya Dakar Flash Facial (love this stuff!)
Least Favorite- Juice Beauty CC cream

I LOVE YOU SAMPLE SOCIETY!  All that for $25.  So worth it.  I actually felt bad this month because I cancelled Sample Society to save a few pennies toward my Nina Garcia box.  Of course all that went right out the window when I saw a 5-pack for $25.  Hey, we all have our breaking points.  That was mine.

Anyway, check out this post here to see what is in store for next month's Sample Society box.  Trust me... You won't want to miss it!


  1. sdklfjlskjdfl AHHHHHH if I get the EXACT same boxes as you, I will be ecstatic. :D

    1. I think you will! Well, except for that one that is a Mystery. You could probably figure out which one it is. This is a pretty serious haul! Im so happy!

  2. Oh wait, lol I don't want the August 2013 box since I already got that one, but... XD

  3. Oh this is so tempting! Good deal, glad you got something from butter london :D

    1. It tempted and I caved... :D did you see the contents of Julys box?! Yeah, i caved on that one too. I like Sample Society!