Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SquareHue June 2014 Collection plus Sneak Peek for July!

I discovered SquareHue through a swap.  The color was gorgeous although it did take three coats to get a really good dark color.  I liked the iridescent shimmer so I thought I'd check them out!

SquareHue makes all their own polishes here in the USA.  They also donate a portion of their proceeds to humanitarian causes which I admire a lot.

The Cost: $14.99/month plus shipping

What You Get: Three exclusive, limited edition nail polish shades delivered to your mailbox each month.

This month the theme was Maui and there had apparently been a vote on polish choices that I was unaware of because I didn't even know SquareHue existed!

Here is what I received in my mailbox today:

It comes in a very small box, perfect for all mailboxes.  Included is a card describing the polishes and commemorating the collection.

Three polishes!  Two blues and a nude.  I'm never thrilled with a nude and this one seems a little too orangey anyway.  I think it's strange they included two blues that are almost identical.  They *are* different but they're still too close.

Here's the other weird thing. Reading the card, you can see that Ka'ahumanu says Micro Glitter and appears to be the darker blue.  Well, the darker blue is not a Micro Glitter.  The Ala Moana which appears to be the lighter blue (based on the card) says its a Satin.
Well, the labels on my polishes say that Ala Moana is the Micro Glitter (far right) and Ka'ahumanu is definitely the Satin (far left).  So I actually have no idea which polish is which!  Apparently neither did SquareHue!  See, they shouldn't have done their polishes so close in color!
Wailea is the Hi Gloss Creme and it is quite orangey.

So there is the blue satin Ka'ahumanu, blue micro glitter Ala Moana, and Hi Gloss Creme Wailea.  Although now that I look at it, I wonder if the Hi-Gloss is actually Ka'ahumanu and the Wailea is the Satin. Hmm..

VERDICT: Well, I do love the blues but I'm not enthused about them sending two nearly identical colors.  Wailea is, in my opinion, ugly.  However this was a great deal since I only paid $5 for the box so I can't really complain on that front.  I would expect more variety, though, in future boxes.

Next months theme is Barcelona!  I would expect some hot, summery colors with that kind of theme.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 3.38.16 AM.png

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