Thursday, June 12, 2014

SquareHue May 2014 Review

I signed up for SquareHue using the code SURPRISE14 which was sent to me after I signed up for emails on their website.  The code meant that I would get one random collection in addition to my next month's SquareHue polish collection.

I received the Rio Collection in the mail today.  I was surprised, I admit, because I wasn't expecting it at all!

SquareHue is a nail polish subscription box.  Each month they send out a new collection of 3 polishes centered on a theme.  

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: A unique, curated collection of three premium nail polish colors delivered to your mailbox.  You will NEVER receive the same nail polish color twice.  Ever.

The colors included in the Rio Collection are VERY bright!  These might come in handy depending on who heads to the quarterfinals in the World Cup!

Leblon- Green Shimmer
Ipanema-Yellow Micro Glitter
Copacabana- Blue Glitter

They really are glorious colors.  I love, love, love the green and blue.  Yellow isn't my thing but this is such a sunny, sunflowery true yellow that it's kind of hard to resist.

I swatched them so you could get a better idea of what they look like.  The green is seriously to die for. Seeing the yellow and green next to each other like that takes me right back to high school.  Those were our colors.  I'm loving the blue, too.  I just need to decide if I want to do an undercoat first.

VERDICT: This was a free box for signing up with SquareHue so it was definitely a deal!  I love the green and blue and I might come around on the yellow.  We'll see.  Yellow is kind of like nude.  It really depends on how it looks with the skin.

If you would like to sign up for SquareHue, you can do that here.  You can also just sign up for emails and then wait to see if they send you a deal like they did for me.  I would suggest doing that, for sure!  If you sign up in June you will receive July's shipment.  The theme for July is Barcelona!  With SquareHue you pay ahead for the month.  You can also easily suspend or cancel your account right on their website.  So easy, I love that!

Have you used SquareHue before?  What did you think of them?


  1. I love love love that green color! and the blue is cute, but that entire box costs 19 dollar :O are those polishes worth that in your oppinion?

    1. I would not pay $19 for it. I used a coupon deal they sent me for signing up for emails to get this box. I would never pay full price for nail polish (even in the regular store, Im cheap!) and I would like to pick my colors. I think this box would be for a true nail polish addict :)

  2. Very pretty but too pricey for me too.

    1. I agree! I didn't pay full price because I had a coupon they sent me in an email. So it was $10 for this box and $10 for the next box (which I haven't received yet). $10 for three nail polishes isn't bad but I think I would prefer to choose my colors.