Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Steepster Tea June 2014 Review + $10 off!

This is my very first Steepster box and also my very first tea subscription box to arrive!  I've been waiting for this even though it's Summer and its hot out.  I don't care, I love tea!  I should first admit that I am not a tea snob.  I love teas of any kind when loose or bagged, Bigelow or Teavana.  I don't discriminate.

The Cost: $24.95/month

What You Get:  Flight of five teas, tasting notes and brewing instructions, detailed reviews and product information, the ability to choose the types of tea for future boxes, and surprises like brewing filters, discounts and other fun stuff

This arrive in a fairly small box via USPS.  Upon opening I was happy to see an info card and discover that the theme for the month is Cupboard Essentials!  This is probably the perfect introduction for a tea subscription noob like me!

Even more fun was finding that my teas were housed in a re-useable, drawstring muslin bag!  Steepster is more than just a tea subscription, too.  They have a whole website with forums all dedicated to teas, tastings and reviews.  I don't think I'm going to get that into it because really, I just like to drink it!

Five perfectly packaged, loose Steepster teas with a 10ct pouch of tea filters!  And its a pretty sweet variety, too!  Earl Grey, Rooibos, White Peony, Summer Apricot Ceylon and Sencha with Matcha!

Summer Apricot Ceylon- This is a Black Tea with peach and apricot notes.  It is amazing.  You can really taste the fruitiness.  I drank this hot but I bet it would be fantastic cold as an iced tea.  Origin: Sri Lanka.  Recommended steep time 3 minutes with boiling water.

Earl Grey-  I have always loved Earl Grey.  I just can't get enough bergamot.  I love the citrus hints.  This is lemony and delicious.  Origin: Sri Lanka.  Recommended steep time 3 minutes with boiling water. This is a full leaf tea blended with bergamot oil from Italy.

Rooibos-  Rooibos isn't actually a tea but a bush and the tea is made from it's needles.  I really like rooibos so I was happy to see it included in my first tea box.  I like herbal teas before bed.  Black teas after six tend to keep me staring at the ceiling until 2am.  I'm not going to lie and say I drank this straight.  I put some honey in it.  So tasty! Origin: South Africa.  Use 1tsp with 12 oz boiling water.

White Peony- Notes of chestnut, malt and flower, this is a white tea and the least processed of all the styles, giving it true tea character.  I haven't tried this one yet because it says it tastes "vegetal" on the packet.  I like tea but I don't like teas that taste like dirt.  I leave those for DH, he loves them.  Blech.  I want to drink things that make me happy. 

The only tea not pictured is the Sencha with Matcha.  Mainly because I figured it would be a messy picture and because I've opened four teas already and I need to drink them at their finest!  The Sencha with Matcha is a blend of first flush sencha and hand picked matcha.  Origin: Japan.
Side note: Does anyone recognize the character on this mug?  I've loved her since I was in preschool!

VERDICT:  I'm very impressed with the quality of these Steepster teas.  The flavors are fresh and excellent.  I appreciate the packaging although I wish they were resealable since the packets aren't super storage-friendly and I'm more likely to rotate through my teas than drink one packet all at once. I like that the directions and tasting notes are printed on each packet and the muslin drawstring bag is a great touch.  Summer probably isn't the greatest time to be drinking hot tea (or at least not the most popular time) so I think I will be working on iced versions of these next.  This is also quite a bit of tea.  These aren't wimpy samples.

If you would like to sign up for Steepster, you can do that hereUsing my referral link will give you $10 off your first month!  That makes your first box only $14.95 for 5 teas!  I think they are also working on a way to allow you to choose your teas, too, but I don't know if it's implemented yet.

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  1. Ooh that apricot one looks delish! I don't drink coffee, so I get my caffeine fix from teas. I usually get my teas from Lupicia, but I may have to look into this. That is a lot of tea in each pouch!

    1. The Summer Apricot is SO good I'm contemplating buying more from their store. I still have a lot left, though so it wont be for awhile. I use 1tsp of tea for 12 oz of water and when I measured it out there's enough for 8 cups like that (not counting resteeps). It's a lot of tea!

  2. Oh man, the Apricot Ceylon tea looks TO DIE FOR! I have tons of tea already but now I want to try it...

    1. It *is* to die for!! I'm drinking it right now as iced tea and it is amaaazing!

  3. Is it Holly Hobby?? I have loved her too. :) great review, that tea looks amazing. Earl grey is my favorite!

    1. It is!!!!! I'm so happy someone knew! <3 Thank you! I'm a sucker for a good Earl Grey and this was delicous!