Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Snippets

Well, its Sunday and there's no mail so I had to otherwise occupy myself.

Happily, Costa Rica beat Greece and the Netherlands beat Mexico in the World Cup games today.  I was rooting for both of them so I enjoyed the games.  Even the nailbiting end with penalty shoot outs.


I had so many new flowers blooming today but I don't want to bore you with all the details! Okay, just a little.  I made a collage :D
This is Xia Xiang, Lullaby Baby, Elegant Candy, San Ignacio and Best Kept Secret.  They are all daylilies.
I kind of went on a daylily purchasing binge last year.  So this is my first time seeing Best Kept Secret and Elegant Candy.  I got them after they'd already bloomed.
I did a bunch of work in my garden today.  I've been neglecting it.  I weeded and transplanted.  I've got a lot more to do but today was perfect weather for it so I couldn't ignore it.


I've been trying to find a picture of myself to put up.  I am terrible at taking selfies (hello, nose hairs) and since I recently got Lasik surgery, most of my older pictures have me with my glasses on. 
This isn't perfect but it's the best you get right now.  So for my faithful readers, here is a photo of me, buried in a nondescript post!


In Memebox news, there is another giveaway in the works!  I also have a smaller giveaway planned with a Mystery Memebox!  I'm still figuring out logistics but this will be fun!

I also received clarification on those $3 blogger codes!  It looks like next month the codes will be worth $5!  I haven't received mine yet so I'm not positive on that.  However, I did find out that you can use one blogger code a month.  It has to be the code specific to the month we are in (no using Junes code in July, that kind of thing) and you can only use it once.  The blogger codes are universal so once you use mine, you won't be able to use anyone elses.  Or vice versa.
You can see all the current Memebox deals and codes on this page.


A big congrats is in order to the winners of my Memebox Giveaway!  Laney E. will be getting a Whole Grains Memebox and Ksenia will be getting her Waxing Box soon!  The boxes should ship out tomorrow.

Anastasya, Charlotte and Josephine have already claimed and received their Memepoints!! I'm super curious about what they will choose to spend them on! 
 There's quite a few newer boxes left to decide from.


I am super excited for my Boxycharm box!  It has a full sized Tarte Cheek Stain!  The box itself is worth over $90!  I was lucky enough to notice spoilers early and signed up!  No shipping notice yet though.  I'm debating on staying signed up though because the spoiler for July was Purlisse...


Speaking of no shipping notices, Nina Garcia #NGQ03 should have shipped yesterday!  Woohoo!  The shipping notices usually come the Wednesday after the boxes have shipped so we should all be getting our details on July 2nd.  The current box is sold out and her next one ships in September.  I'm SO EXCITED for this box!  You can see the spoilers here if you're looking for them.
 I also got my Nail Art Striping Tape and Dotting Tools today!  So I tried the tape first.  I think I did pretty well for my first time.  I definitely need to choose my colors a little more wisely, I definitely prefer a diagonal stripe more than a vertical.  Horizontal is okay, too.  This is not something to do unless you have a lot of time.
I didn't take a picture of it.  While it's pretty good for a first time, it really isn't photo quality ;)

Thank you all for taking the time to read Bits and Boxes!  It really makes my day!  Always feel free to make comments or ask questions.  If you want to keep up on the latest happenings, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' or Twitter!


  1. I just wrote a whole comment... gone :( so here I go again :D

    I also really loved the game! especialy ours :D what a day!
    And omg those flowers are so pretty, kind of look like prettier orchid for outside :) I really do need to work in my garden again, but the weather is killing me; first it's to hot and now it's lashing rain :O
    and girl you are beautiful! (I don't see nosehairs) don't you ever hide:)
    Next time you make a nailart please show, always curious how others create pretty nails and I agree on the diagonal thing. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you can get daylilies in Netherlands, they grow everywhere except super hot places. We finally had a day that wasn't super hot or super rainy so I had no excuses. I *had* to get out there!
      I'll email you a photo of my nails. >.<

  2. Awww, that's a good photo of you! :)

    Hehehe, can't wait for the Nina Garcia box to arrive... (actually I can wait because my first exam is a week from tomorrow and I can't be taking photos of stuff and writing posts...) XD BUT I STILL WANT THE BOX.

    1. You'll get it before anybody and you'll know whats in it. There's no way you can hold that in! :D I bet you get it Friday!