Thursday, June 5, 2014

Superbox DermoCosmetics and Superbox All in One Content Reveal!

Memebox Superbox Dermocosmetics and All in One Content Reveal:

Superbox #21
Dermocosmetics Superbox #21
All the brands included in this box are most famous and loved in Korea for being founded by real dermatologists. In fact, they are currently being used by these dermatologists for soothing and nourishing irritated skin after medical treatments.

Five full size products and one mask.
1. Dewy Tree 7 Cut Facial Cream
2. Dr. Oracle Real White Eye Gel Cream
3. Dr. Oracle Easy Care Shiny Water Pack
4. Kangskin Beauty Multi Block Sun Cream
5. Kangskin Beauty Scalp Treatment Shampoo
6. Kangskin Beauty Aqua Soothing Mask

Superbox #20
Superbox #20 All in One
It’s always fun to find a 2-in-1 or a 3-in-1 product on your dressing table. This Smart Beauty Box contains only the smartest, multi-functional products which ensure a highest quality look in the shortest of time!

Six full size products:
1. Cheek Room Lip & Cheek 01 Orange
2. Inner Face Sunday Cream
3. SNB Magic Eye Eye Make-Up Remover
4. EBA Nature 180 Days Chok Chok Kiss Mist
5. Skin & Lab Green Gel-Oil
6. Verite All In One Cream

I admit again that I was assuming that cosmetics meant make-up but I was wrong.  I'm a little disappointed to see only 3 brands represented in the Dermocosmetics box.  However it's a nicely rounded-out box, containing hair, eye and face creams.  I always love to see a SPF cream in a box since its one of the most important creams necessary to prevent wrinkles and helps keep the skin tone even.

The All in One box has some unusual items and I will be interested to hear how people liked them.  I like the inclusion of a mist but the Orange Cheek Room item might be difficult to wear for most people.  Also, it is really hard to find these items for sale in English!  I'm sorry I don't have more product links for you!

What do you think of these boxes?

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