Monday, June 2, 2014

Thoughts for the Day

There are so many fun subscription boxes out there!  I can't believe how many seem to pop out of the woodwork once I start looking.

Here are some new ones I want to try:

Sudsy Box- A box of handcrafted soaps. I love handmade soap (I can make my own but I love other peoples scent combinations!)

Just Add Honey- A tea subscription.  I must have tea subscriptions!  I can never have enough tea.

TeaSparrow- Another tea subscription!  Give me ALL the tea!

I did sign up for Steepster because well, tea...  TEA!

Fortune Cookie Soap is sending me a replacement lip scrub because mine was first a rock and then a crumbly dust.  That's awfully nice of them and I wasn't expecting it.

I contacted Treatsie about my crappy box and they said they'd send me AvenueSweets caramels instead of the weird smelling fruit pate.  Except I just got the shipping notice and it says they're shipping me Serendipity salted caramels.  /sigh  Not what I wanted but at least the Serendipity caramels were good, too.

I'm a member of a forum that went through a recent change up.  Now they are putting Google AdWords in.  I hate it so much.  AdWords is NOT for FORUMS!  I do NOT like seeing my words linked to some crappy website that sells lawnmowers!  Unfortunately, I don't even know where to complain about it on the site.  They need a suggestion box.

Because posts without pictures are boring, here is a picture of Bugsy relaxing in his sunspot.

I still haven't figured out how to get a picture in a Twitter post.

My husband and I are taking a short trip to Crater Lake in Oregon State.  We try to get at least one National Park trip in per year and Crater Lake is nice and close.  Neither of us have been there so it should be so fun!

I am LOVING the Julep Max nail polish. I've already received so many compliments on it and it is so unusual for me.  I get my Mystery Boxes really quickly because I only live half an hour away from their warehouse.
I made votive candles using my Darby Smart kit!  They didn't turn out like they were supposed to but they still burn AND smell good.

I am going to be ordering the Birchbox Modern Mermaid Limited Edition box!  I love the box itself so much that it's somewhat ridiculous.

It looks like Memebox is doing the $10 point sign up bonus again but I can't tell for sure.  Their website isn't always up to date.  Still, if you haven't signed up, do it!  Free money!  Ten Memepoints means you can get the next Memebox Mini for $5!

I've been working in my garden all day and having a lot of fun.  It's getting to that time of year when there is something new blooming everyday!  This is a picture of a new bulb for this year.  It's a form of Allium called Allium ostrowskianum.  Hooray for ornamental onions!  This is very low growing compared to all my other allium.  This is maybe 8 inches high but the color is stunning.  I need more! Lots more!

Heres my back yard corner garden.  I planted all this last November and it was a lot of work. It's mostly astilbes, hostas and ferns.  The crowning glory doesn't show up well in photos but its my deciduous Golden Redwood in the center there.  Now that everything is growing I can see the things I need to move.  It's a lot of fun but lots of work, too.

Time to cook dinner and do a little reading!


  1. Ugh Treatsie... so much fail. *shakes head* It's such a shame, they have potential to be great, but they totally fell short this month. Definitely not a good first impression even though their CS response time is pretty fast.

    Yay Crater Lake! My dad loves road trips so we went up to Crater Lake pretty often as kids. XD It's been a long time since we've gone because we've been mainly traveling out of the country. The view up there is fantastic.

    And ahhhh, I love your garden photos! :D Everything is always so beautiful and colorful or lush and green!

    1. Aww, thank you! We took a lot of road trips as kids, too, but never to Crater Lake which is weird considering it's so close. I'm really excited about it! I would, of course, prefer to be traveling through Germany but I think that'll be next year for Oktoberfest! I love to travel more than my husband does so I'm alway happy when he agrees to go out. Our last trip out of the country was to Croatia and that was two years ago. :*(