Friday, June 13, 2014

Wantable Intimates June 2014 Review

Wantable Intimates is a subscription service that sends you intimate apparel through the mail!  It's actually a lot of fun and has a very detailed profile for you to complete.  It is so easy to customize each box from your profile, you can change it as often as you like.

The Cost: $36/month.

What You Get: Four to five premium essentials sent to you based on your preferences.

I'm always surprised by how much can fit in these small boxes!  They always come with some kind of motivational quote and an invoice which shows information about each item you receive and reminding you of your profile preference choices.

Here are mine for this box.  I received items this month from both my Love and Like column and of course, nothing from my dislike list.

It's always super hard to take pictures of these items.  Maybe if I climbed up on a chair it would be easier but then the lighting tends to be bad.  So, here's the best I can get!  There were four items in this box with one extra thrown in because the chemise was actually a two piece.

Pima Dolman T-shirt-  This is an over-sized t-shirt with dolman sleeves and a rounded hem at the bottom.  It is amazingly soft and comfortable.  It might not be the cutest thing ever but it sure is practical!
Value: $18

Spree Heidi Hipster- This is REALLY bright! I think it's fun to get things I would normally never buy in my Intimates box!  These are cute and ridiculous.
Value: $8

Lilly Chemise- This is sooo cute!  It's super lightweight and I love the lace!  It also has adjustable straps which is really nice.  It comes with a thong but I didn't know that until I read the info paper.  It had fallen out when I shook the chemise out and I didn't realize it.  Let me just say that the thong was very...  well, there's a reason I didn't notice it, it's basically lace and strings. Heh.  I probably won't be using that.  This will be nice for hot summer nights, though.
Value: $34

Eighty One Enterprises Simply Flawless-  Hot pink and black stripes in the front and only black lace in the back! I'm guessing these are on here because I put Fun and Flirty under Loves this time around.
Value: $8

VERDICT:  This box has a value of over $60 in retail prices.  I was really hoping for the pink babydoll chemise that it seems like everyone has been getting but no luck on that front.  I don't mind getting two pairs of underwear but I wish there had been a little more color variety in that regard.  The chemise is really lovely and I like it a lot!  I also like the dolman tee but I wish it had included matching lounge pants.  It's awfully comfortable, I have to admit!  I have only ever sent back one Wantables box and it was because nothing fit, not because of what I was sent.
Returns are ridiculously easy and completely free so there's no problems at all if you want to return it.  You can also order as many boxes as you want.  So if you return one but you still want a box, just fix up your preferences and order another!

If you want to sign up for Wantable, click here!  There are three choices: Intimates, Make-up and Accessories.  Personally, I think that Intimates is the best value and the most fun of the three.  You can get make up and accessories from a dozen different subscriptions but fun intimate essentials is a lot harder to find.  For a little tip, while I don't have any coupon codes, I will say that if you go the Wantable website, choose the box you want, fill out your profile, put the box in your cart and LEAVE it there without actually buying it right away, they will send you a 10% coupon via email that you can use!  Try it!

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  1. Love the blue lace thing! is it a pj?
    I'm always thinking of should I try this once... but I have now idea what kind of box I would like the most :)

    1. Yes! I love it too :D It's so pretty. I like this box. Last month I got two!

    2. both Intimates or also accessoires or makeup?

    3. Both Intimates :D The accessories are a little too crazy for me and I get enough make up.