Thursday, July 31, 2014

Escape Monthly August 2014 Spoiler and $10 off Coupon!

escape monthly august 2014 spoiler
Escape Monthly is going to PARIS in August!!  You bet I signed right up for that!  They also released a spoiler for the box.

Escape Monthly is a vacation box.  Each month they choose a different destination and send you a box full of goodies from that place.  It also includes a guidebook, as well, so you can read up about all the interesting spots and history.  You can expect to see some spa and beauty products along with souvenir items and tasty local foods.

The Cost: $49.95/monthly

What You Get:  A destination guide book plus a monthly delivery of luxury products from all over the world.

Here's the spoiler for the Paris box!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Petbox by Rover Free Box Review + Free Box and Coupon Codes!

This is not a regular Petbox.  This is a collaboration box between Petbox and Rover.  It's "free" but there is a shipping charge of $6.99.  I figured that was worth it since the stated value was $19.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Barkboxes but I wanted to see how other dog boxes stack up against them.

The Cost: This particular Petbox was free for the price of shipping at $6.99.  Petbox has several types of subscriptions ranging from a $8.99/mo Snack Box to a $59.99 Multi-Pet Household Box.

What You Get: Enjoy a mix of healthy treats, toys, and accessories for your dog or cat each month.  Yes, they do cat boxes!

This Petbox was only treats.  I had thought I read somewhere that it was going to be only toys and I was kind of bummed.  Now I wish it had had a little of both.  It's okay, though.  I paid only $6.99 after all and there is a LOT of stuff in here.

It's a Random Wednesday Post! Boxycharm August Spoilers Included.

First of all, I took some pill by Shapeology called BurnBlend and I'm shaking like a leaf right now!  I got it in a Bulu Box.

Which reminds me that I didn't write up a post for the Bulu Box I got in July.  Let me just say this about Bulu Box... Never pay full price.  For $5 a month, it's pretty fun but they send the weirdest stuff!!  I think even at $5, I probably won't get anymore.  I have three months left of it but I just don't use 3/4 of what comes in it.  I don't like shady protein powders and funny pills.

I signed up for a 3 month deal of Petbox Snack.  I got the snack yesterday.

InClover Glow for Skin and Coat Soft Chews for Dogs- They reek like fish.  The dogs LOVE them.  This is a 5oz bag so it's nice and big.  It has egg, omega3 from algae, and fish oil in it so I'm sure it actually *is* good for their skin and coat.  I'm interested to see if it makes a difference!

Poor Dexter is half naked as it is with his ridiculous Canine Pattern Baldness...  You didn't know that was a real thing did you?  Meet the rat terrier!  Forebear of the American Hairless Terrier.  Anyway.
I got this for some ridiculously cheap price via email.

Here it is:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Memebox K-Style Spoiler! Plus Restocks and NEW Memeboxes!

Memebox Special #17 K-Style Cosmetics
I was really happy to see that there was a spoiler posted today for Memebox K-Style Box.  I am getting this box and have been really curious about what it might contains.  It's definitely make up!

BBI@ Pigments Randomly selected from 01. Mild, 02. Sour, 03. Sweet

"Glam up your look with shimmery glitter pigments that glide onto your eyelids with a satin smooth finish. Fool-proof pearly eye pigments last all day and all night! Channel your inner K-POP Idol in no time!"
I actually like loose pigment eyeshadows so I'm pretty excited about this.  Plus they are my favorite colors! Neutrals :)

Memebox K-Style #1 is sold out but K-Style #2 is available for purchase!  The Cost is $23 and #2 will ship September 12th.

Ipsy August 2014 Sneak Peek #1

Ipsy has shown a sneak peek of what you will get in your August 2014 Glambag!!

Get excited!!

If you know anyone who loves Urban Decay, they are going to want this bag!!

ALL August subscribers will receive an Urban Decay product!  You will either receive Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara OR the 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil!

I don't know about you but I am hoping for the mascara!  And I won't mind the Eye Pencil at all if it's in the purple color shown in the photo!

What do you think!?

If you haven't signed up for Ipsy, do it right away.  The waitlist can be long and it can take months to get off! 

When you  make your account, you don't pay right away, you get put on a waitlist.  When you get off the waitlist they will send you an email and you can decide if you want to sign up and pay or not.

There are some ways to get off the waitlist and it involves Facebook:

Glossybox August 2014 Spoiler! Plus Coupon Codes

August Spoiler

Guess what!? Glossybox is turning 3!! And to celebrate their third anniversary, Glossybox has teamed up with Kryolan to offer us the first spoiler!!

The Cost: $21/month.

What You Get: 5 Luxury deluxe size samples from well-known and emerging beauty brands.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Memebox Skincare Review

I'm always surprised when my Memeboxes show up.  This Memebox Special #9 Skincare was no expection!  Totally unexpected!
Now that it's here I can't wait to dig in!  This was a heavy box, too.  So much goooood stuff!!

Memebox Special #9 was $29 plus shipping but I'm pretty sure I didn't pay full price.  I try not to buy boxes unless I have coupon codes or Memepoints.  In any case, this box would have been worth it at full price, for sure. Rachel Yeomans #RYQ01 Review

It's my first box since Nina Garcia's!  So far I've stuck with Nina Garcia's Quarterly box but since I loved them both so much I decided to branch out!

This is Rachel Yeoman's #RYQ01 Quarterly box.

The Cost: $50

What You Get: A handpicked selection of items from Fashion, Literature, Technology and Wine.

First look.  Not too impressive but it was a pretty skinny box.  I was surprised to see so much paper pages.  I don't know much about Rachel Yeomans but her website looked interesting so I thought I would subscribe and see.  Also, since I forgot to take a picture of the Twitter pamphlet by itself, please note it's bright purple presence here in this photo! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Year of Birchbox Plus $25 credit for $74.25!?!

This is just a quick note to say that you can get one year of Birchbox on sale at Gilt City for $99.  You will also get  $25 credit.

And if you buy within the next 5 days and use the code EMPLOYEE25, you'll get 25% off that total!! So you will get 12 Birchboxes and $25 worth of points for just $74.25!!

I just bought it.  It's for new accounts or accounts that haven't received a box in 3 months.  You have to use your voucher by September 4th.

New accounts are really easy to make... Just saying...  
As a side note, I used this voucher deal on an account that's only been closed a month and it worked fine.  Now... what to spend my 250 points on... :D

This might be the cheapest Birchbox year in the universe!!
 That's $6.10 a box!!

Sign up for GiltCity right here!  This is a national deal so if you don't see it on the homepage (you should) just Search for it. 


*referral ink was used in this post

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Level Naturals Good Box July 2014 Review

I have really been enjoying what I've received from Level Naturals in their Good Box subscription.  The box always smells soooo good, even before I get it open.  I wonder if the mailman drools over it...

Level Naturals doesn't have an official box yet so this arrives in a small Priority Mail box.  I like that once it ships, it gets here quick and I can't wait to see what they end up doing for their official box packaging when they get it.

Level Naturals is about soapy goodness but they also hand-make other awesome products like soy candles, room mists and bathbombs.

Birchbox July 2014 Review

Birchbox is a subscription service that sends a box full of samples to your door each month. They have a wide variety of samples and many box variations are sent out so you will not necessarily receive the same items as someone else you know.  This might be the cutest box yet!  I love how colorful it is.  I should figure out something fun to do with it. 

The Cost: $10/month (Use code BBFAB100 to get 100 Birchbox points at sign up)

What You Get: Samples including everything from make up and skin care to non beauty essentials like candles and tea.

Birchbox has probably one of the best points programs out there.  For every dollar you spend you get a point.  For every review you write you get 10 points.  For every 100 points you get $10 to spend in their shop.  This is one of the reasons its so hard for me to quit Birchbox.  It's only $10 and even if I don't love what I got, I can find something I *do* love in their shop and get it practically free.

Sample Society August 2014 Spoiler #Too Faced!!!

Sample Society is one of my favorite sample boxes.  The products inside are always high quality.  In the past they've included a lot of skincare which I've really enjoyed but last month they rebranded themselves and the July box was AMAZING!  You can read what was in it here.  It also had a lot of make up!

This month already had one fabulous brand (Oribe, see below) but now they've added an even BETTER one!!

The Cost: $15/month  

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance. You'll also receive $10 gift card to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase every month. For August, they didn't spoil the whole box like they did for July but the first product we are receiving is also a wonderful brand!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Fall Theme and Spoiler!

Fortune cookie soap box spoiler
Well, everybody, it's that time of year again!!  No, not Christmas! 

It's Fortune Cookie Soap Box time!

If you haven't heard of Fortune Cookie Soap, it's time you did.  They make soap.  Yes, adorable soap.  Shaped like fortune cookies!  No, really!

The Cost: $19.99/quarterly.  Shipping is included.

What You Get:  Every box will include 8 exclusive FCS products in adorable mini-sizes. You will also receive a $10 FCS gift code with each Soap Box, that can be redeemed online or in our retail store.

Here's your SPOILER!

Memebox Burst of Color #2 Contents

Photo: [Burst of Color 2 Unboxed!]Burst of Color 2--> 

Memebox has revealed the contents of Memebox Burst of Color #2 on their website.  You can see it for yourself there or you can read on :)

The Cost: $39

Ships immediately!

Hope Girl Tinted Cushion Lipstick 1.1g
Randomly selected from 03 Coral Pink, 04 Neon Orange
This lip color has a built in cushion sponge that has the bene fits of being used as a matte lipstick with a lasting power of a lip tint.
This lasting formula creates a natural, semi-matte finish. An easy-to-blend and buildable consistency allows for a range of desired color intensities.

Hope Girl Wonder Magic Mascara 7ml
Get 3-in-1 volumizing, lengthening and curling with this Wonder Magic Mascara Black! The specially designed brush features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The tip uses precision bristles to lift, defi ne, and curl even your tiniest lashes.

Sua Young Mein Sua Young Mineral Essence In Liquid Foundation SPF 33 PA+++ 30g  A hypo-allergenic liquid-type foundation enriched with various minerals and the patented COS 5 COMPLEX, this Mineral Essence In Liquid Foundation off ers everything from high level of moisture and long-lasting adherence to natural coverage and soothing e ffect, and is suitable for all skin types.

Beauty People 10 Seconds Auto Eye Liner Pencil 2ea
Randomly selected from 01 Diamond Bronze/ Diamond Beige, 02 Diamond Burgundy/ Diamond Natural Berry
Sparkling with the diamond pearls and easy-to-use with the new auto-type pencil plus a sharpener, the 10 Seconds Auto Eye Liner Pencil o ffers a deep, glamorous look with just one, smooth touch. What’s more, you’ll be surprised at how fast it perfectly adheres and dries only 10 seconds after application!
This creamy smooth eye liner can also be used like pencil shadow to give more color and depth to your eyes.

Hope Girl 3D Powder Blusher 5g
Randomly selected from 01 Sexy Rose, 03 Girly Pink
This easy to use blusher creates a subdued polish fi nish that creates the look of a sharper jaw line and smaller sized face. Allatonin and vitamin E derivatives protect your skin against external irritation and keeps skin glowing and healthy.

LadyKin Close-Up Decuple Fitting Powder 20g
Randomly selected from #21, #23, #33
Enriched with saffl ower seed oil and avocado oil, this Decuple Fitting Powder works to maintain your skin silky, smooth yet still highly moisturized. The white powder included also strengthens the blur e ffect by maintaining your skin tone nice and even.

Y.E.T Catgirl Waterproof Pen Liner Black 0.5g  This waterproof black eye liner guarantees a total non-smudging, long-lasting edge to your eye makeup. Creating an e ffect similar to that of coating, it will not smudge or fade under water, sweat, or even oil. This black sharpie is perfect for giving your eyes that extra depth and definition.

THOUGHTS:  So there's a mascara, 2 eyeliners, a lipstick, blush, powder and foundation.  My main observation is where is the color?  This has a decent variety and its only decent in my opinion because there were two eyeliners included.  But this is a Burst of Color box!  Where are the eyeshadows, the intense lipcolors and sparkly nail polishes?  Or a brightly colored mascara?  I really was not expecting to see powder and foundation in this box. 
As a straight up makeup box it's pretty stellar.  I would expect the new Memebox Daily Dose of Beauty box to be something like this.  And its $10 cheaper!! 

I do have to say one thing about Hope Girl (besides the fact that I want to see other brands).  Their mascara is amazing!  I didn't use the one included in this box, I used the 140 Super Lash and it's....  amazing.  I need more of it.  Zero clumping, zero flaking, zero smudging, and no raccoon eyes in the morning even though I didn't remove it!  If the one in this box is as good, it's like gold! :D

You can actually still buy this box if you want to!  It's $39 plus shipping.  You can get it here.

Am I the only one that's bummed about the box contents?  I can't be the only one wondering where the color is, can I?!

Memebox Spoilers for Travellers Kit and OMG! Box

Memebox Special #25 Traveller's Beauty Kit

Memebox has been busy releasing spoilers!  There are so many right now I don't know if I can keep up!  First up is the Traveller's Beauty Kit!  

Memebox travellers kit spoiler

This tanning tissue gives you a gorgeous, natural-looking tan effect without streaking—year-round and without exposure to harmful UV rays. Its light tint bronzes the skin instantly, showing you exactly where you have applied it.

I'm not sure why they put tanning tissues in when they send us so many whitening products.  Unless they know its for us Westerners (and I know we aren't all "western" so that doesn't really make sense either).  Oh, well!  They're gonna be in the box!

Memebox OMG spoiler
 This is what we've been waiting for!!  What kind of crazy will be in the OMG Box!  With the release of OMG2, people have been wondering what could be in it!

Now we know!  Well, one thing at least...

Skin Age Lip Tattoo 

I can't find anything about it on the internet but I did get a screenshot for you of what it looks like!

 It comes like a lipgloss.  You apply it like a lipgloss.  Then you PEEL IT OFF just like a peel off mask!!

See the video by MEMEBOX

Is it outrageous? Yep!  Is it practical? Nope!  Do I totally want to try it? ABSOLUTELY!!!

What do you think about that?

Of the two, I totally love the OMG spoiler the best!  Maybe I should get OMG 2 before it sells out...

*affiliate links were used in the making of this post.

Do You Wonder What I Do With All My Stuff?

I'm totally loving blogging but I gotta say I'm getting a little overwhelmed with STUFF.

You might wonder what I do with it all, right?  I've wondered what other people do with their stuff. There are LOTS of people who get way more boxes than I do and I just don't know how they do it!  I need a new closet or something!
At least I'm not a hoarder.  I give things away, toss things I hate or don't work for me and sell some things.

I swap the smaller things on a swap site and the more unique/valuable things I sell on ebay.  That's also how I pay for my boxes.  My husband doesn't really mind but I like to feel self-sufficient.  I'm not quite there yet but I'm pretty close.
I'm not big-time in the sub box world (yet?) so 99% of this is purchased by me.
It's a LOT of work.  Both swapping and ebay take a lot of time and energy and trips to the post office.  I do it because I need to, though.

Cinnamon Caramels by Serendipity Confections

Let's just say I love caramels.  Really LOVE caramels.  But I'm picky about them.  I don't love just ANY caramel.  No Kraft squares for me!

No.  I need an ooey, gooey, melty delicious caramel that makes my tastebuds sing.  Okay, no singing.  My mom always has said I can't carry a tune in a bucket but that really hasn't stopped me so far.


Thanks to Treatsie (or no thanks, my thighs are saying) I found Serendipity Caramels.  In my Treatsie box were the Salted Caramels from Serendipity Confections.  Now, I'm not a fan of salted caramels or salted chocolates or salted any dessert except maybe those chocolate pretzel concoctions.

I don't like the salt because it lessens the awesome taste of the actual caramel (or chocolate).  However, those Salted Caramels were amazing!  Not too much salt and the perfect gooey soft texture that melts in your mouth.

I needed more.

Memebox VIP Restocks!! OMG2, K-Style 2, My CuteWishlist 2!! Plus 15 free Memepoints for VIPS

 Omg, you guys!!  Memebox read my mind!  LOL!!  I wanted Memepoints and now I have some!

Look what else they've been up to!  NEW boxes!!!

15 Points for VIPs Only! To become a VIP you must have purchased five boxes in the last three months.  It resets each month, too.

All Your Favorite Boxes, Upgraded!

My Cute Wishlist 2:
From miniature beautifying trinkets to precious pouch portables, this 2nd
box is full of darling delights that will make you bubble over with giddiness!

It's Back! We spritzed, powdered, and puckered up our way through thousands of precious darlings to bring you a box that bubbles over with cuteness!

The second edition of our My Cute Wishlist Box is loaded with darling delights that have swoon-worthy signature cheeky Korean names and gosh-darn-cute packaging. From miniature beautifying trinkets to precious pouch portables, this box full of darling beauty finds will make you bubble over with giddiness.

K-Style 2:
Find out the K-Style secret with our K-Style 2 Box! Korean makeup is all about radiant feminine beauty, and with this box, you’ll be able to recreate all of your favorite K-celeb’s beauty looks! Whether you want to take the spotlight with a fun and dramatic K-pop eye and lip combo, or want to perfect understated elegance with bright and flawless skin, and signature K-drama celeb lips, the final results will be some kind of gorgeous.

OMG 2:  
The 2nd OMG Box is loaded with even weirder, even kookier Memebox cult favorites that wilsatisfy all you beauty adventurers and beauty-holics!
If you haven’t had enough of our kooky beauty obsessions, take the OMG 2 beauty challenge!

We rounded up some of the kookiest and most unusual beauty trends that took Seoul by storm! From funky makeup trends to cool skin and hair treatments, these fun cosmetic innovations will definitely inspire you to rethink your current makeup routine. Loaded with even weirder, even funkier Memebox cult favorites, this box is a must have for beauty enthusiasts and beauty-holics!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love with Food August 2014 Spoilers + Free Box!

Love With Food released some August 2014 spoilers!  The theme is County Fair.  Once again I took it upon myself to watch the video so you don't have to.  Luckily, for some reason YouTube never has sound for me.  I've tried everything I can think of to fix it but no luck.

Love with Food is my favorite food subscription box.  Both because its cheap and because they send super awesome, fun things to try.

Salty Peanut TaffyYou can't have fun at the county fair without savoring some Salty Peanut Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road! The bursts of sweet and salty flavors from elements of peanut, honey, and vanilla is unbelievably delicious.

The ultimate balance of sweet and salty.

Infused with honey and mixed with creamy peanut butter, a hint of vanilla and lots of coarse ground sea salt, this is pure peanut heaven.  We call it the perfect pick me up snack.

It's got a little sweet a little salty and some protein to keep you going. A fan favorite since our first batch.

Memebox Waterproof Makeup Spoiler + Restock!

memebox waterproof make up spoiler
Memebox Waterproof Makeup has been restocked!!  The spoiler is a Touchinsol Color Bucket Flash Pop Up Gellar.  This is a gel liner in one of 10 crazy colors!

Here's the Memeblurb:

"This summer, look out for the Waterproof Makeup Box! Loaded with only makeup items that passed our “all-proof test”, this Waterproof Makeup Box defies the laws of makeup with its all-day long lasting staying power. From eye makeup to lip and skin makeup, it has got only the best waterproof and sweat-proof products that are sure to last all throughout the day! You’ll look like a million bucks all day long!

No smudging or smearing, you’ll never have to carry around your makeup pouch around ever again!"

The Cost: $23 plus shipping

Shipping on August 5th 

Get Memebox Waterproof Makeup before it sells out! (Again.)

*affiliate links were used in the making of this post :)

From The Lab July 2014 Review and Coupon Code

From the Lab is having a birthday!  In honor of that, they sent a whopper of a box!  This month there are FOUR items!  The retail value this month is over $250 and has a little of everything.
Look at all those goodies!  I recognize some of them from past boxes but I will tell you right now, I am thrilled to have more.  I've been really impressed with what has been sent in my From The Lab boxes!

The Cost: $29.95/month, shipping is free (Use code GETFREE30 and you'll get $30 back to spend in the Member Shop!)

What you Get: One to three full size luxury beauty products delivered to your door each month.  These products are estimated to be worth at least $100 on the retail market but you will get them before they are even available for purchase anywhere else.

Glossybox July 2014 Review and Coupon Codes

First of all, this July Glossybox arrived sooner than any Glossybox I've ever received before!  I think that warehouse switch really helped us west coast people get our boxes sooner.

I've been so excited for this Glossybox ever since I saw the SkinInc serum spoiler.  There are three versions and they are all good but I really wanted to know which one *I* got!

The Cost: $21/month.

What You Get: 5 Luxury deluxe size samples from well-known and emerging beauty brands.

Skin Inc Custom Blended Anti-Aging Serum- This SkinInc serum is the best part of this box!! This is a custom blend of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, elasticity-promoting marine collagen and hydrating hyaluronic acid.  This features SkinInc's patented encapsulation technology to provide long lasting hydration.
I'm nearly finished with the bottle I received in the Mother's Day Limited Edition Glossybox so I'm ready for a new one!  I absolutely LOVED it so I was so happy to see more SkinInc in this box.  I actually ordered two boxes just because of this serum.
One thing I really like about this is that it has no scent or fragrance.  Just purely awesome goodness.  The ingredients are amazing and there's no parabens (for those who are concerned).  I ended up getting two Anti-Aging serums and I'm totally okay with that.  I'd really like to try one of the custom blends but it's out of my price range for now.  If I did make my own I would want Vitamin A, Vitamin C and ceramide in mine!
Full Size Value: $45/.34oz
Size Included: Full Size

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream- a luxurious body cream containing English honey, cocoa, Vitamin B5 and shea butter to leave skin soft, nourished and delicately fragranced.  This contains steam distilled floral essential oils including rose, lavender and ylang ylang.  I'm sure it smells fantastic but once again my lavender allergies strike and deny me the ability to love something.
Full Size Value: $61/6oz
Size Included: 1.4oz

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm- A refreshing, mojito flavored gel lip balm.  Moisturizes without stickiness.  Use as treatment or to add shine.  It smells good!  I wouldn't say it is non-sticky though.  I'll use it!
Full Size Value: $12/.35oz
Size Included: .20/oz

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment- This power-packed "facial in a jar" is said to work with the skin's natural collagen to exfoliate, tighten pores, smooth texture, reduce fine lines and absorb impurities.  This is a 10 minute mud mask with sea clay, volcanic pumice and green tea leaf.  Guess what else is in it? Lavender oil.  Of all the things to be allergic to!!  Ugh!  I'm glad it's not peanuts, though.
Full Size Value: $69/1.7oz
Size Included: .5oz

Philip B pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist- A weightless, daily detangler mist that leaves hair shiny and frizz free.  This is a leave-in toner that works by adjusting the pH of tap water to seal your cuticle.  I'm not even sure that is possible. Scientifically, I mean.  It does list acid and alcohol in the ingredients.  Guess what else is in there?  Yep. Lavender oil. 

VERDICT: I automatically love this box because of the SkinInc. This one item more than pays for the box and makes all the other products extra.  Which is kinda good considering there's lavender in three of them so I can't use them.  In all honesty,  I probably would only have ended up using the Glamglow out of those three so I'm not too concerned.  I'm pretty excited to use my SkinInc!  Woohoo!

If you would like to sign up for Glossybox, you can do that here!  At checkout use CAITE to receive a free Caite Paint Pot Nail Polish in your box.  It's likely expired (it was a 48 hour deal but I can't remember when the 48 hours started) but you can also try to use SUMMER14 on a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to get 20% off.  Using HAIR will get you a full size Nioxin Hair Treatment in your box while supplies last.

Which SkinInc did you get? Were there other variations?  I suppose I'll find out when I get my second box. I'm hoping to get the Brightening one.

*referral links were used in the making of this post

Popsugar Must Have Coupon Code $10 off for August 2014

popsugar must have coupon code

 It's that time again!!  If you've been thinking about signing up for the Popsugar Must Have box, now is the time to do it!

Why?  Because theres a coupon for $10 off!

The Cost: $39.95/monthly (but you'll get it for $10 off!)

What You Get: Full-size products and premium, hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food.

Sign up and use code MHAUG10 for $10 off your August box! 

Here's a look at the last few boxes:

July 2014- Read full review here.

June 2014- Read Full Review here.

I've been really happy with my Popsugar boxes.  They always contain something fun and unusual along with products I need or really wanted.

So get started and sign up at Popsugar!  Make sure you use the coupon: MHAUG10.  I'm not sure of the expire date on this but MSA says it's good til July 31st or "while supplies last" whatever that means.  I think they allow the code a certain number of uses and then it's done.

*referral links were used in this post.  Thank you in advance if you choose to use them! :)

Loot Crate Review July 2014 Villians plus August Theme, Spoilers and Coupon Code!

Loot Crate for July 2014 had a theme of "Villians" and while that wasn't super interesting to me, my husband said he had to have it.  Next months theme is more my style!  Read on to discover more!

Here it is... mostly!

The T-shirt was right on top!  This was done in-house at Loot Crate and is supposed to be a combination of Joker and Loki.  I think it's ugly but DH grabbed it and put it on right away.  I have no other pictures of it because of that.
This is what happens when I let my husband and his gamer friends open the Loot Crate.  Things disappear!  I like to take a picture of everything but this doesn't have the shirt in frame because its being worn and the socks aren't in here either because *I'm* wearing them! :D And the fridge is wearing the Bowser magnet. :D

The Cost: $13.37/month plus $6 shipping

What You Get: A box full of unique, interesting and fun gamer geek l00t catered to a new theme each month with occasional awesome T-shirts included.  Worth at least $40!

DC Comics Harley Quinn and Joker Posters- These might be DH's favorite part of this Loot Crate.  I'm going to have them laminated or maybe framed because he wants to put them up in the game room.  They're pretty amazing even though they aren't my style.

Marvel Extreme Deadpool Socks- Okay, so I *love* socks!  I have Storm Trooper socks and R2-D2 socks and now I have Deadpool socks!  I totally took these and didn't care if DH wanted them or not!  They're man sized and too big but I don't care.

Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic-  This is the first comic for Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.  It's exclusive because it's got Loot Crates added into the cover.  Art is by Skottie King and Cover by Dale Keown.  It's in plastic and on a board.  I can't decide if I want to open it or not...

Loot Crate Mini Mag Issue 12 Villians- Each Loot Crate comes with a magazine with interviews, silly puzzles and explanations for each of the items put in it.  I think they tried to go digital but Loot Crate fans nixed that idea.  I'm glad it's back in paper form because its fun to read.

Bowser Magnet-  I like this magnet and its already on the fridge!  He's the most hardcore boss in the Mushroom Kingdom and has killed me many times back in the day.

StarWars Key Chain in Darth Vader-  Well, you can't deny that Dark Vader is a pretty bad guy.  He definitely deserves to be in this Villians Loot Crate!

Loot Crate Button- The requisite pin for July.  I still wish they were magnets because they would be easier to display but I'm okay with this.  I'm pinning them all to my PAX lanyard.

Necessary Evil Super-Villians of DC Comics Documentary- Seventy years of DC Comics bad guys, narrated by Christopher Lee.  I haven't watched it yet but we will.

VERDICT: My husband thought this crate was fantastic.  He especially liked the posters, the T-shirt, the keychain and the Documentary.  I took the socks and I'm not sure what to do with the Rocket Raccoon comic.  I don't know much about comics.
One thing I like about Loot Crate is how eclectic it is.  There's no telling what you're gonna get.  It could be anything!  I wasn't expecting posters or a documentary!  And it makes my gamer husband happy.


As for August, the new theme is HEROES! Yeah!!  I hope for Superman and Batman in there somewhere.  I wonder if there's a T-shirt!  There *will* be an Exclusive Funko POP Vinyl figurine especially made for Loot Crate!  It's also Loot Crates One Year Anniversary in August so you *know* its going to be good!

Sign up for your Loot Crate here!

Enter code: HEROES at checkout and get 10% off your Loot Crate or SAVE3 to get $3 off!

*referral links were used in the making of this post, I will love you forever if you use them :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sample Society August 2014 Spoiler!

Allure has released a spoiler for the August 2014 Sample Society box!!  I *loved* my July box SO much!  You can read the review here.  The products were fantastic!

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance.  You'll also receive $10 gift card to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase every month.

For August, they didn't spoil the whole box like they did for July but the first product we are receiving is also a wonderful brand!

The August box will include a summer hair favorite!  The boxes start shipping August 5th!

Memebox Superbox #33 Collagen Contents

Memebox Superbox #33 Collagen Contents are revealed!

I did not purchase this box and I'm okay with that.  I have other awesome boxes coming.  At least thats what I tell myself when I see some of these great products.

The Cost: $35 plus shipping (This box is STILL AVAILABLE!)

Here is what you will receive:

Memebox Spoilers for Cooling Care, Pomegranate Cosmetics and Detox Box!

Memebox released a bunch of spoilers today. Since I'm getting the Cooling Care and the Pomegranate Cosmetics boxes, of course I wanted to see them!

I admit I'm on Memebox overload right now.  Since they just released Memebox Special Edition Earth and Sea, I'm trying really hard to resist.  If you missed Memebox #13, it has also been restocked.

Right now, I'm just glad to get an idea of what's in these boxes!
memebox cooling care

SECRET KEY Intense Ice Sleeping Pack 100g

Secret Key's Intense Ice Sleeping Pack provides the skin with an immediate surge of moisture while you sleep! Refreshing menthol and super moisturizing PH complex work together to deliver deeply hydrating, soothing, and cooling effects for the skin. You'll see a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion the very next morning!