Friday, July 25, 2014

Do You Wonder What I Do With All My Stuff?

I'm totally loving blogging but I gotta say I'm getting a little overwhelmed with STUFF.

You might wonder what I do with it all, right?  I've wondered what other people do with their stuff. There are LOTS of people who get way more boxes than I do and I just don't know how they do it!  I need a new closet or something!
At least I'm not a hoarder.  I give things away, toss things I hate or don't work for me and sell some things.

I swap the smaller things on a swap site and the more unique/valuable things I sell on ebay.  That's also how I pay for my boxes.  My husband doesn't really mind but I like to feel self-sufficient.  I'm not quite there yet but I'm pretty close.
I'm not big-time in the sub box world (yet?) so 99% of this is purchased by me.
It's a LOT of work.  Both swapping and ebay take a lot of time and energy and trips to the post office.  I do it because I need to, though.

I am taking a break from swapping and ebay right now because I need my head on straight and Nana's death is not conducive to proper thinking.  I feel like my head is detached from my body sometimes.  Her funeral is on Tuesday and hopefully that will provide a little closure for me.  This... oh, bother.  I can't talk about it because it makes me cry every single time.

The other thing I do with all my subscription box goodies is USE them!  Yes, I actually use them!  I feel something like the Little Mermaid with all my whosits and whatsits galore sitting on my counters and filling my cupboards.

My goal is to get to empty on all the things I use.  So, laugh all you want but I slather face creams on my legs and serums on my knees.  I wash my hands in glycolic acid face wash even!  I think that's smart because your hands can show your age.  So, I have a couple Murad serums that seem to make me break out but they have really good ingredients so I use them on my hands and fingers.

There was a picture I saw of Christie Brinkley, who I think might be 60, and she has her gorgeous face (surgery or not, she's spectacular!) but her hands holding her clutch were horrifying.  I'm sure it was just bad lighting that made them extra old looking but that's when I thought I shouldn't forget my hands in my skincare routines.

I'm also putting together a fake subscription box for my sister-in-law who lives in Ohio.  I'm going to use a Glossybox and put in all sorts of fun things just like a real subscription box would do.  It's actually pretty fun "curating" my own box for her.

The last thing I do with all my products is store them away for stocking stuffers!  Each year, I am in charge of making a Christmas stocking for my MIL.  This is because I'm the only girl here.  My MIL makes stockings for all the "kids" but she can't do her own.  This year is going to be the stocking of the century!  She's already so excited about it and its only July! :)

So there you go!  That's what I do with my stuff!  What do you do with yours?


  1. I'll make a hall way from my door to my bed with all my boxes xD I do use them all and if I got a product trhat I'm not sure off I'll throw it in a box and check it a few days later and try it again if i still don't like it i'll give it away or blog about it and then throw it away! just wanna say short to you good luck and hug for Tuesday. I'm waiting for my sis to move out and clear everything.. it looks like a bombing in my room. going to lay down again.. stupid back pain.. I wish I could fill a bath with all my meme stuf and relax in there and feel happy! :)

    1. You made me laugh! I can totally picture your room and the Meme-bombing :D You should take a bath with your Skinfood bath crystals! What did you throw away first from Memebox?

    2. haha the empties! more is on the planning list ;P because its just too hot to sort stuff out.. probably makeup that has melted xD and I wish I had a bath tub!! maybe I'll use those bath crystals to bath my feet :P

  2. My collection is probably puny compared to yours, but whatever I don't use I try to swap. And whatever's been sitting in my swap pile for months will probably end up as stocking stuffers as long as it's not gunky and gross. I like your idea of making a mock sub box! Maybe I'll make a bunch of those and pass them off as actual Christmas gifts. I didn't realize how much I was spending on sub boxes until I sat down and totaled everything up. It just kind of sneaks up on you! My thoughts are with you for Tuesday, and don't forget to smile. I'm sure she'd much rather see smiles than tears.

    1. Aww, thank you, Sheri! <3 It really does sneak up on you! So I had to be brave and recoup some of it back by ebaying some of the things I wouldnt use. Im not getting rich (I wish!) but Im breaking even and I still get to have tons of fun blogging!