Monday, July 7, 2014

Early VIP Access to NEW Memeboxes! Plus Get 3 Free Memepoints with Purchases!

Memebox has released three new boxes today! It's all about your Hands and Nails and Fall/Winter makeup picks!

If you get these boxes while still on VIP sale, you will receive 3 Memepoints each when you purchase these boxes!   It seems like the sales tend to end at noon PST.

Here is the official VIP Exclusives Link.
Memebox Superbox #43 2014 F/W Colors
Fresh off the runway makeup trends can be daunting, no doubt. So we made it simple and easy to find your best 2014 F/W runway makeup colors for non-scary hot, everyday Korean looks!

We browsed through endless Pinterest and Instagram likes for hours looking for the hottest autumn makeup colors 0f 2014. We swooned over bold jewel tones, delicate pastel shades, just bitten berry colors for eye to lip and nail beauty trends, and finally came up with the perfect fall trend color concoction! Here’s what we fell in love with!

African Violet: The beauty of purpley violet is that there’s a shade that works on every skin tone. From eyes to nails and lips, violet is a universally flattering shade this fall!

Hemlock Green: Embrace your inner free-spirited ocean lover chick with this ultra refreshing hue.

Just Bitten Berry: Make a loud statement with look at me bold berry hues this fall. 

The Cost: $23
Ships August 19th
Memebox #26 Hand & Nail Care

Our hands and nails are so neglected! From washing loads of post-dinner dishes to picking open lipstick packaging and applying and removing nail polishes, our hands and nails go through daily abuse that will eventually lead us to have withered zombie fingers.

At Memebox, we believe that healthy and pretty hands are a girl’s best accessory, that hands should be as smooth as a baby’s bottom and that crazy manis are the best pick-me-up for any crappy day!

So, treat and moisturize hands and nails to prevent early signs of aging, strengthen and pamper nails to perfection to create that impeccable nail salon-done look! 

The Cost: $23 
Ships August 19th
Also released today is Memebox #16!!  These original Memeboxes are still my favorite kind!
The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.  They're the best ones to start with and unless you are looking for a specific type of product, they're the best way to dip your toe into the world of Korean beauty.

Here's what Memebox says about this box:

"Packed with all your beauty essentials, this box is packed with goodies that will keep you waiting on your toes!

This edition is worth over $100 in retail value, but it can be yours for only $23! Packed with only the most high-quality beauty products, Memebox Global Edition #16 will be the best box you’ve seen yet!"

Ships October 24th.

There are also Value Kits available though Memebox #16 is not included in any of the packages.

Don't forget that you will get 3 Memepoints back at purchase for the new Superbox F/W Colors and for Memebox Hand and Nail Care.

Now is the time to use the TRYMEMEBOX code if you haven't used it yet.  It will give you $15 off and it expires tomorrow!!
All other codes and deals for Memebox can be seen on my Memebox Deals page which I update regularly!

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  1. I had to get that f/w color superbox. I just got my orange colorbox the other day, and was saying, "They should do this with purple, green, and pink. I'd buy them all." So I'm super excited to get that!

    1. They did pick fantastic colors for the f/w box, didn't they!? I can't wait to see what's in it. I have a suspicion this might be the best makeup Memebox yet!