Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fab Fit Fun Summer 2014 Review

 It's that time of year again! FabFitFun Time!  I got my Summer box today and while I had a pretty good idea of what would be in it, it's always waaaay better when you have it in your hot little hands!

The Cost: $49.99/qtr.  You can get this same box for ten dollars off using code FLASH10 or PLUM10. Get $15 off with Code: 3695194 (valid for 3 uses only!)

What You Get:  The latest and greatest full size products in food, beauty and lifestyle categories with a total value of more than $200.
It's like a present!  This is only my second FabFitFun box and I really liked the first one a lot.  You can read my review of the Spring box here.

Look at that stash of goodies!!  I was actually really surprised by how full the box felt as I was unpacking everything for this photo.  It's quite a mix of products and there's some really fun ones in here (along with one total dud).

 Every Fabfitfun box comes with a glossy info card.  I always like having these, just to see why they included certain items and to get a little more info about the things I've never heard of.  In this box there were two coupons, one for Thursday Friday and one for KissStixx.
 Yes, I'm starting with the most boring things.  I know, I know, but I'm getting them out of the way.

SlimFast Have Your Cake Meal Bar- I used to drink slim-fast back when I was in college and had no time for anything.  It wasnt good but it wasn't bad either.  I'd say the same goes for this bar.  It's a bonus addition to the box and doesn't count toward the value.  I'm okay with that.  I tried it and it tastes like confetti cake protein bar.

Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners- I will say that I had sort of a mental disconnect when I saw these.  Why are they in a box about Fab Fit and Fun?!  Because these are definitely none of those things.  I mean, yeah, I'll use them but these are not going to send me into transports of fun and fabulous fitness either.  I still think it's weird they put these in, even if they are a sponsored item and aren't part of the value of the box.

Popchips- I love Popchips.  I love Sour Cream and Onion flavored anything.  These are tasty.  It's a snack size bag and I ate half of it before the USA v Belgium game.  And then the rest at half time.

 Kisstixx-  Two lipglosses in the flavors of Chocolate and Strawberry!  This are for kissing.  You are supposed to keep one and give the other to your kissing partner, then smooch until the flavors meld.  Super cute idea but I don't think DH is going to want either chocolate or strawberry.  So they are both mine, yay!  These are super sweet and tasty.  They have no color and are made primarily with beeswax and coconut oil.  I like them a lot!
Value: $5.99

Purlisse Pur-Protect SPF30- Super lightweight SPF forumula that nourishes as it protects.  This is for your face.  The ingredients are great (hello, sodium hyaluronate for super-moisture!) and since this is a Summer box, this was a nice sunscreen to add!!  It's also ridiculously expensive, which I don't understand.  Why on earth would a sunscreen cost $55??
Value: $55 (but really??!!)

Zoya Nail Polish- I love Zoya and I received a perfect melony pink called Maya.  I don't know if everyone gets the same color but I love mine!
Value: $9

 Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil- So at first I was totally disinterested in this product.  Then I saw that it has Lemongrass in it.  If you know me, you know that I have no resistance when it comes to goodies with lemongrass scent.  This has jojoba, argan and tamanu oils in it to cure flyaways while nourishing your hair without weighing it down.  This is a full size 1oz bottle.  It's a lot.
Value: $25

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial-  This is the reason I signed up for the box.  While Sonya Dakar has a questionable reputation, this Flash Facial is seriously amazing.  However, since it costs an arm and a leg, theres no way I would buy it for full price.  This is packed with antioxidants, and hyaluronic and lactic acids and it makes your skin GLORIOUSLY soft and smooth after one single minute!  I *love* the results I get from this!
Value: $95

FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-Free Water Bottle- Since I got my first infuser bottle in the May Popsugar box, I have been in love with the whole infusing thing.  I am happy to have this one because its a different kind and because I need one for when my other one is in the dishwasher!
Value: $15

Skintimate Shave Gel- This is another sponsored item, meaning the value doesn't count toward the cost of the box.  I think this is a good addition to a summer box because you need to shave your legs more often when you are constantly out in shorts and sundresses!

Thursday Friday Canvas Clutch- So apparently Thursday Friday makes clutches with prints of famous bags on them?  I'm not sure if that's all they do but this is a canvas clutch with a print on it and a metal zip.
Value: $35

VERDICT: So I know a lot of people were very disappointed with this box.  However, upon reflection, I like a lot of these things.  I'll taste test the snacks, use the chapstick and nail polish, happily slather Flash Facial on my face and the shave gel on my legs.  The Purlisse will likely go up for swaps and so will the Thursday Friday Clutch but I'll use the hair oil and the water bottle for sure.

While I think the inclusion of the pantiliners sort of threw everyone off balance, they don't count toward the value of the box.  I actually like this box a lot and I'm okay with the items I dont like.  I knew I wouldnt like the clutch when I bought the box.  I got it for the Flash Facial.

I think the items are fun and summery.  I know not every box will thrill me and while this one didn't do that, it is quite useful.

If you want to sign up for Fabfitfun and get this box, sign up here!  Make sure to use code FLASH10 or PLUM10 to get $10 off!

What about you?  What were you expecting?  And did you get the same clutch I did or something else?  I'm thinking if I swapped it for a different print I might actually use it because it does seem very sturdily made.

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  1. Can't wait for my box tomorrow, but I'm definitely looking forward to the snacks. ;) I wonder if everyone is getting the same flavors for the chapsticks...

    1. They are so tasty! Well, the strawberry one is, at least. I love fruity goodness. :D

  2. This was my first fabfitfun box I loved most of the items, I wished I got the peacock clutch but other than that it was a great mix! Use code 9575546 for $15 off the summer box. It's good for 3 uses :)