Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm so Happy Right Now!

I got my Samsung Galaxy S5 today!!  I'm dying because its so much better than the S3, I cannot believe it!  I loved my S3 but now I love this one better.  What I should be saying is "Thank you, Nina Garcia!" because the only reason I upgraded was so I could use my new Cheetah Pink Otterbox case!

Yes, that is true.  That's actually why.  And because my husband has some deal where you can upgrade your phone every year for $20.  Why didn't I know that before?!

I can already tell my new photos are going to be SO MUCH BETTER!!  I went out and took (yes, garden) pictures of my flowers to test it out.

Now I just have to figure out how to make Blogger see the pictures on my new phone.  If anyone knows, help!

In other news...

So I've been wondering about my Birchbox.  Today I got the weirdest email saying they'd fixed my payment problem.  There was a payment problem?  That's the first I've heard of it!  Did anyone else have this happen?  I emailed them asking what on earth was going on.  When they got back to me they totally ignored my question and told me my box was on the way.  I *know* it's on the way, I want to know what went wrong with payment!  Derp.

It's so HOT here! I'm melting and my plants are turning crunchy.  I've been watering at night (all night) because its not good for the plants to get water on their leaves in the hot, hot sun but I don't think its quite enough.  I bet our water bill is going to be outrageous since I leave the sprinkler on a ll night, waving back and forth.

And in case no one saw the cutest picture on earth, here is The Littlest Man, Bugsy, and a blue whale:

And the Sweetest Pea, Dexter, my gray rat:

Now, I have to go make sure everything is tidy because my husband has invited two of his internet friends to hang out here for the weekend.  If you never see another blog post, it's because I was murdered in my bed.
Juuuust kidding!  They're perfectly normal people and I love having people over so I've been looking forward to it.

 Oh, and my newest daylily to bloom!  First time today!  Sue Rothbauer :)



  1. That really might be the cutest picture on earth. I just looked through my email and I never got any weird billing things from Birchbox, but apparently I made it to Aces status without even realizing? Woo-hoo!

    1. Grats on hitting Ace!! I still have no idea why I got that email. Oh, well. Im coming close to Aces status, too! That means free shipping from the shop, right? I do seem to order quite a bit so that'll be handy :) My Bodum mugs are on the way!

  2. Aww Bugsy is so cute!! I love how his eyesare so brown and so concentrated (didn't know if he was but he looks foccused!) and Dexter looks so wise, like "I'll learn bugsy the way" something like that. REalyl cute!! You should show more pictures of these cuties!

    I haven't seen a new blogpost for today.. are you alive?! ;)
    I know what you're saying i'm melting too!! and my plants are also having troubles
    I now have a big umbrella over my pumpkins because the root has "sun burns and front out the root when it's getting warmer his leaves turn really floppy and weak. so and I neeed to give the plants lots of water during night and day (not on the leaves but in the ground)

    1. I'm here! The guys visiting are SUPER sweet and aren't going to murder me after all :D