Monday, July 14, 2014

Julep Deal of the Day 7/14

Julep is running a daily deal campaign! Your opportunity to get this specific deal ends at 11:59 tonight. It's kinda like Cinderella, I guess.  Catch it before it's gone :PToday's special: Mint Julep Set $24.99 ($100 value) › Normally $71 retail (I don't know why they put that it has a $100 value in this photo when right on their website it says $71), you can get this awesome set for only $24.99!  Here's what's in it:

A cocktail of goodies perfectly mixed for barefoot backyard gatherings.
Set includes:
  • Bette (Bombshell): Electric neon purple crème
  • Donna (Bombshell): Smoky peacock blue crème
  • Luxe Care Hand Crème: An intensive moisturizer that offers relief from dry, chapped hands and leaves skin indulgently soft
  • Mint Condition Pedi Crème: A refreshing foot moisturizer with exfoliating AHAs
  • Green Tea Facial Blotting Linens: Oil-absorbing and shine-eliminating sheets infused with soothing green tea extract
  • Twistband Hair Ties: A duo of hair ties that don’t leave dents or damage hair
I think that Bette is kinda thin and needs three coats, so thats kind of a downer but the rest of the products seem great!  I personally haven't used the Donna peacock blue but it sounds gorgeous :D

Of course I always feel like Julep's prices are crazily inflated so while this looks like a SUPER awesome deal, its actually just an awesome deal.  It's definitely worth it.  Julep's deals tend to be good.  It's just the regular prices that seem extreme.

Don't forget you can also get your first box free if you'd like to try Julep's subscription service!  Take the Style Quiz and use code FREEBOX at checkout and only pay shipping ($2.99) on your first month!

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