Thursday, July 17, 2014

Memebox At Home Spoiler!! Aahhh!! I'm so excited for this!

Memebox, I love you!  Here is the spoiler for the Memebox At Home box.  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't too thrilled about this box at first and I only got it so I could get expedited shipping on the box I *did* want. 

But NOW!  Now I can't wait!!!

Memebox At Home Spoiler

At Home Box
OSEQUE Silk Foot Peeling 
Full size product: 70g, ($42)

Relax and take the time to care for tired and exhausted feet with this easy-to-use Silk Foot Peeling! The jelly-like texture and nutrition-rich formula works to rid feet of calluses and nourish and moisturize cracked and dry feet.  

You may not know that I used the Kocostar Foot Masks.  I wore them for an hour and a half before I took them off.  It did feel like smearing IcyHot or TigerBalm all over my feet.  Not horrifyingly unpleasant but not too good either.

Then for four days nothing happened and I figured nothing would.  I thought my feet were so perfect there was nothing to peel.  I was wrong.

I was wearing flip flops on the fifth day and thought I'd gotten something caught between my shoe and my bare foot.  When I looked... AAHHH!!  Skin! Dead skin!  It peeled for about three days and my feet were so soft and smooth.  You couldn't tell the difference between the top of my foot and my heels that's how soft my skin was afterwards.

It was the grossest thing on earth but it worked.  Now I want more.  Only I'm getting something maybe just as good in the At Home box!! Yayy!!!

I will say that your feet are quite tender after using the mask.  It basically gets rid of all your calluses.  Don't walk on hot ground :D

You can buy this box!!  It's still available!  Memebox Superbox At Home 

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  1. Interesting, I was wondering what would be in the "At Home" box. And I love your reaction to the Kocostar masks because that is exactly what happened to me the first time I used a foot peeling thing. Days of "Huh, guess it didn't do much" followed by epic dead skin nastiness.

    1. Epic dead skin nastiness describes it perfectly. My husband was so horrified. :D

    2. Haha that's why I still haven't done it yet. I love the sound of the result though. Hopefully this kit will do the same job without the horrifying moments! I actually recommended the foot mask to my sister in law who's really eager to get her soft feet back but she blatantly refused to use it lol

  2. Another foot peel! AND it comes with a file?! I want them to make a Foot Box #3. I'm so horrifyingly fascinated with these foot peel things! I don't know why, but my feet took over a week to finish peeling with the Kocostar. I guess I did have ridiculously gross feet, after all :(

    1. Haha!! I was so skeptical at first but now I'm like "Gimme!!" We will have ultra beautiful feet soon :D