Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memebox Foot Care Contents!

Superbox #25 Foot Care

Memebox Superbox #25 Foot Care

Give your tired and exhausted feet a spa treatment right at your own home with daily foot treatments that provide moisture and hydration to dry and cracked feet. Slough away dry and rough spots and drench dry skin with skin-loving foot care products to hydrate and smooth!

This special Footcare Box is arranged with 4 to 5 full sized products

Value: $23 (sold out)

I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time that this is a Superbox.  It has a regular Memebox price but it has only full size items so that must be what it is.  That's good!

I'm not really in to feet.  Mine or anyone elses, so I didn't get this.  Now that I've seen the contents, though, I'm eyeing the Footcare #2.  Which I just checked and its sold out.

You can however get the Pomegranate Cosmetics Memebox + Foot Care #2 on sale for $43 in a Value Kit.  That's such a good deal!  If I wasn't already getting Pomegranate, I would do this in a heartbeat.

Here is what you will get in your Memebox Superbox Foot Care:

1) Keyskin Foot Peeling Care This is the best of the best for foot peeling masks.  I was a skeptic but now I'm a believer.  My feet won't stop peeling.  Kiinda of a problem now.  I must need the Mini Files!

2) Blacklees The Ssak Mini File 5 ct- Five mini foot files for use after your Peeling Care Foot Mas.

3) Blacklees The Ssak Foot Pack- This is for use after your peeling pack and after you've filed! Moisturize your fresh baby skin tootsies for smooth feet.

4) Dermahouse Foot & Heel Care 70ml- Slather this shea butter moisturizer on your poor chapped heels, wait three minutes then use your mini file to get rid of the dead skin.

5) Sur Line Print Manicure Okay, I think this is awesome! It's the full nail foil kit!  Quite frankly, I think it'd be hard to use on your toes but it looks like so much fun!

6) Lala Nail Care Oil x2- Deep Hydration and Quick Dry Oils set.  Both oils deliver nourishment and hydration to your poor., cracked toe nails.

7) Kavis Deo Under-Arm & Foot Powder 30g- A powder for your feet and underarms to keep them dry and smelling nice.

VERDICT:  For $23 this is an awesome box!  I'm really disappointed in myself for completely ignoring the foot care boxes!  I would use every single thing in this box.  Except maybe the foot powder.  Depending on the scent, I could give that to DH, though.  I want that manicure kit so much!  It's foil paper that "prints" onto your nail.

The only way I can see to get the next Memebox Foot Care #2 is, again, by getting the Pomegranate and Foot Care #2 Value Kit.  There's a four pack with Foot Care in it but the Pomegranate/Foot Care is on sale right now.


  1. I was never really into foot care either.....until this darn Kocostar thing! I want those mini files!

    1. Me too!! I look like a leper! How am I supposed to wear sandals for the 4th of July!?

  2. Waiting for my foot care box #2. Hope it'll be as good as this one)

    1. I hope it is, too! I cant believe how fun this box is! Maybe #2 will be even better! :D