Monday, July 14, 2014

Memebox Scentbox 2+1 Rose, Baby Powder and Grapefruit Bundle Restocked

 Memebox Scentbox Rose Baby Powder Grapefruit
Memebox has restocked the original Scentboxes!  For the original old price, too! Which is even better!

The Cost: $30 + $6.99 shipping (standard)

What You Get: Four full size items per box.  For list of contents see this post.

Scentbox #1 Rose
Wind down and de-stress with our Memebox Rose!
The aroma of roses is known to be a powerful mood enhancer that will help you to relax and take a break from all the stress, while rose-infused products are known to be a de-stressing product for your skin.
Our Rose box is packed with rose infused products that will surely comfort your mind, body, and soul.
So, slip on that bathrobe and put on those plushy slippers and take a break with Memebox Rose.  You deserve it.

Scentbox #2 Baby Powder
Do you ever have one of those days when you would rather sleep an extra ten minutes than hop in the shower to get ready?
Memebox Baby Powder is with you 100% on those days.
Our second box from the Signature Fragrance Series is perfect for those sleepy mornings or any time you feel like freshening up throughout the day. All our products in this box will make you feel and smell like a newborn baby. So, sleep on sleepy head. We’ve got your back.

Scentbox #3 Grapefruit (See my review to find out what you will get)
Feel your mood wearing thin from a Spring fever?
You’ll forget all about your exhaustion and feel instantly energized as soon as the citrus scent is released as you open up your Memebox Grapefruit!
Exploding with vitamin-C and antioxidants, Memebox Grapefruit will revitalize your body and put an end to all your sluggish days;)

Order Now before they sell out!  Dont forget to use codes!

TRYMEMEBOX for $15 off!!! Exp. July 8th (it's technically expired but it is still working for some people... Might as well try it!)
AFGG00- $5 off in July!

See my Memebox Deals Page for more offers.

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