Monday, July 28, 2014

Memebox Skincare Review

I'm always surprised when my Memeboxes show up.  This Memebox Special #9 Skincare was no expection!  Totally unexpected!
Now that it's here I can't wait to dig in!  This was a heavy box, too.  So much goooood stuff!!

Memebox Special #9 was $29 plus shipping but I'm pretty sure I didn't pay full price.  I try not to buy boxes unless I have coupon codes or Memepoints.  In any case, this box would have been worth it at full price, for sure.
Box contents!!  So much good stuff and I was so happy to see Secret Key in here as well!  There are two tiny samples but the rest are wonderfully full size!
Dewytree Teatree Porest Powder in Toner-200ml- Full Size.  This is a facial toner enriched with green clay and tea tree leaf extracts for treating blemishes and other impurities that can clog pores.  So you shake this up because there's sediment in it, put it on a cotton pad and wipe your face.
This smells SO good! It smells... clean and refreshing.  It's not overpowering or flowery, it just smells.. clean, to me.  This is going right into my regular regimen.  Love it.

Dewytree White Dew 7 Cut Extreme Serum-30ml-This is a super gentle facial serum suitable for those with freckles, dark spots, uneven complextion and sagging skin.  It works to soothe, brighten, tighten up, and whiten your skin for a healthy, silky complexion.  This has two really good ingredients in it.  Niacinamide, which is for "whitening", brightening and evening out your skin tone and getting rid of dark spots and sodium hyaluronate which is the best moisturizer ever.
This has virtually no scent.  It does have a lot of citrus extracts in it which is interesting since it says its for soothing your skin. Citrus extracts can irritate sensitive skin, so be aware of that.
Secret Key Super Plumping Jelly Cream-50ml- Full Size.  A uniquely textured jelly-cream rich in extracts from the worlds top superfoods- blueberry, orange, almond, broccoli, pumpkin and... salmon eggs?! Yuck! :)  This will moisturize and treat signs of aging.  This smells good like fruit.  And it does have a really weird texture.  You scoop it out in a clump but if you leave it, it sort of melts into a puddle.  But it doesn't melt because if you scoop it back up again, it clumps.  SO hard to explain.
A little goes a REALLY long way! Haha!  I scooped up a spoonful and it ended up covering my face and entire left arm (hey, I couldn't waste the extra)!

Nasarang Rose Balancing Toner-5ml- This contains the oil from Bulgarian roses.  This is a little thicker in texture, kind of like an ampoule and it moisturizes and brightens your skin tone.  Rosehip oil is also a fantastic source of antioxidants which are also good for your skin.  I'm not a big fan of rose but I know the oil is good for you so I'll have to use this.

Verikos Lifting Power Complex Advanced Power Tightening Cream-4g- Enriched with lotus flower water, collagen, bifida ferments, and peptide components, this tightening cream works to hydrate, nourish and fight signs of aging by encouraging elasticity and glow.
This has virtually no scent and reminds me of vaseline until I smear it.  It sinks into my skin so nicely but I doubt it's going to do any tightening.
Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence-60ml- Full Size.  Instead of water these facial essence uses snail secretion filtrate, bee venom and EGF to cleanse your rough damaged skin from external stresses.  This helps brighten, mosturize and even out skin tone.
This also is fragrance free.  It's main ingredients are snail secretion essence and aloe juice.  It also has some adenosine which is for evening out skin tone and fading dark spots.  It doesn't work as well as niacinamide but it does work.

Boscians Cycle Repair Wrinkle Spot-15ml- Full Size.  This is a spot cream for treating lines and wrinkles on your face.  It has galactomyces ferments, peony root extracts and adenosine.  It is very gentle and can be used around your eyes for anti-wrinkle benefits.
I'm totally using this!  I need something for my eye wrinkles.

VERDICT:  This might be one of the best Memeboxes I've received to date.  I *love* everything!  I think this might be the first box where I will use everything.  I can't wait to incorporate all this into my routine!  Theres a full size toner, essence, serum, spot treatment and jelly cream.  Along with a mini size of Rose Toner and a Tightening Cream.  That's almost a complete regimen all on its own!

Plus, even though I didn't get the Snail box, I got a snail essence!  Even though I didn't get the Rose Scentbox, I got a Rose Oil Toner and even thought I didn't get Anti-Aging #1 or #2 I still got a Wrinkle Repair treatment!

GREAT MEMEBOX! I'm so thrilled with it!

If you haven't noticed already they have a new Memebox outSeveral of them, actually if you've not been there in a week or so.

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  1. I got this box too and it's amazing!!!! xD I absolutely love the tea tre toner especially since I've been breaking out lately lol. Is the jelly cream kind of like a sleep on mask or lotion? I wasn't sure haha. I havn't used it yet because I'm a bit confused on it hehe.. ^^;

    1. I *love* that toner!! I've got a lot of boxes but I think this is my favorite one so far. I like every single thing! I think you can use that jelly cream as a night moisturizer (like a sleeping pack) or as a lotion. I think I'll try it as a sleeping pack tonight. I like the smell, too. It's going to last a LONG time because you only need a little bit :D I might have to use it on my legs :)

    2. Haha we can use sleeping masks on our legs? lol I never thought of that before! Yeah it smells like sweet berries! C: I can't wait to try these all out. I might try the rose toner but I'm scared it might break me out since my skins been getting acne and blemishes recently. It sounds super fun to try too!

  2. This one looks AMAZING - hope it restocks!

    1. Me, too! Just because I think everyone should get a chance at a box with this much fun stuff!

  3. Now I regret I didnt order this box!

    1. I'm surprised it didn't restock when it shipped, I have to admit!

  4. Thank you for posting this! My box is at home and I'm so excited to try everything! But I was hoping there would be a cleanser there!

    1. You raise a good point. There is no cleanser :( The closest would be the toner, which says it will clean your pores. Maybe they wanted us to also buy the Cleanser Box ;). I was not expecting this box to be as good as it is, I have to admit. I am very happily surprised!

  5. I'm so happy they included Secret Key and benton in this and I almost bought the benton product and suddenly I received that memebox,, so happy!! :D Also that toner, it's amazing and it has a pretty color xD I didn't know about the citrus, i'll watch out! thank you :D