Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Memebox Spoilers for Cooling Care, Pomegranate Cosmetics and Detox Box!

Memebox released a bunch of spoilers today. Since I'm getting the Cooling Care and the Pomegranate Cosmetics boxes, of course I wanted to see them!

I admit I'm on Memebox overload right now.  Since they just released Memebox Special Edition Earth and Sea, I'm trying really hard to resist.  If you missed Memebox #13, it has also been restocked.

Right now, I'm just glad to get an idea of what's in these boxes!
memebox cooling care

SECRET KEY Intense Ice Sleeping Pack 100g

Secret Key's Intense Ice Sleeping Pack provides the skin with an immediate surge of moisture while you sleep! Refreshing menthol and super moisturizing PH complex work together to deliver deeply hydrating, soothing, and cooling effects for the skin. You'll see a noticeably brighter and smoother complexion the very next morning!

So, laugh all you want but I'll tell you what I'm going to use this for.  My feet!  I don't know about putting menthol on my face, that seems weird.  But when it's really hot out, sometimes I can't sleep because my feet are so hot!  I bet if I put this on and stuck them in front of the fan, I would sleep better. :D  Worth a try anyway!

The Cost: $23 plus shipping (and its still available!)

memebox pomegranate cosmetics

INNISFREE Capsule Recipe Pack Pomegranate 100ml 

This hydrating sleeping pack works overnight to replenish the skin with vital minerals and vitamins for a youthfully firm and supple look. Its pomegranate and oxygen bubble enriched formula works to improve the skin's elasticity, and enhance the skin's overall tone and texture.  

Here's one thing I love about Korean skincare... Sleeping Packs.  I don't know what it actually means or why they call it that but it's usually a wonderful moisturizer you wear overnight.  I have one I use now by Lioele and I love it.  I can't wait to try this one.

Since these come in 10ml packs, we must be getting 5. Either that or Memebox typoed?  Or they come in a new size that I cant find. :)

The Cost: $29 plus shipping and is currently sold out.

memebox detox care spoiler

VICIONI Pore Minimizing Detox Essence 50ml

Made with vitamin and mineral-rich natural ingredients - rice bran, apple extracts, pineapple extracts, kiwi extracts, grape extracts and wine extracts - this Detox Essence is the ultimate crappy pore corrector! Carbonated water in the formula works to tighten enlarged pores, remove excess oil, and purge the skin of impurities to bring you soft and smooth skin!

I didnt get this box but this item looks good to me.  I was really unsure what to expect in a detox box since your body is the best detoxifier ever and you don't really need an outside influence to "help" detox.  However, with this product I think this box will shape up nicely.  

The Cost: $29 and is currently sold out.

Did you get any of these boxes?  Or have you tried any of these items?  Pomegranate doesn't ship till August 1st and I wish it would hurry up.  

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  1. I am hoping they restock the Pomegranate box. Right when I FINALLY decided to buy it, it sold out. That and the Superfood box. Those are the two I REALLY want.

    1. I know just how you feel! That's exactly what happened with me and the My Cute Wishlist box :*(