Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Memebox Spoilers for Vitamin Care, DermoCosmetics, and More!

Memebox just released a ton of spoilers! Two of them are for boxes I am getting so I'm pretty happy about it!

First up is Vitamin Care!  I did get this box and I think I got it because it was in a Value Set and I wanted expedited shipping but I can't remember.  All my Memeboxes are starting to get confused inside my head.  I mean, I'm getting a million of them so I guess I'm not surprised.

Memebox Vitamin care spoiler
Vitamin Care 
EVAS Vitamin Sun Cream SPF 38 PA++
50ml ($11)

This highly nourishing and vitamin-rich Sun Cream guarantees UV protection, anti-wrinkling, and skin brightening effects all in one bottle! Its non-sticky, non-greasy formula spreads evenly when applied to the face and absorbs quickly so that you can enjoy the outdoors without any sun damage worries!

This is a nice size and appears to be only a sunscreen.  I need a sunscreen for my face that won't make me break out.  I think I actually may have found one in the Hansui CC cream I got in the Oriental Medicine box.  The only problem with it is that I like my face to be matte.  Not "glowy".  Which means shiny.  I felt so shiny but I didn't break out AT ALL which is a first for me.  And that was a 50++ sunscreen!

So I'm excited to try this one in the hopes that it doesn't make me shiny AND doesn't break me out. :D

memebox fermented 2 spoiler

Fermented Cosmetics 2
DRAN Wonder Serum
for Regenerating & Firming 30ml
Full size product: 30ml ($38)

This skin-saving Wonder Serum is enriched with 7 different powerful fermented plant extracts and various skin cell renewing snail mucin and EGF components. It effectively treats signs of aging by expediting skin cell regeneration and firming and toning the skin!

So, I'm not positive because the label looks different but I'm pretty sure this is the same DRAN Wonder Serum we got in the Oriental Medicine box.  Unless they have more than one kind of Wonder Serum.  The bad thing is that I hated the smell of it so much I just couldnt put it on my face.  I just went and tried it again.  Ew.  Aaand I can tell it has lavender in it because my throat just started itching.  Swappity swaps it is!
Oh, wait!  This one says its made with 7 different kinds of ingredients!  The one we got in the Oriental Medicine was 20!  Yay!  It is different!  I probably don't need to make you all part of my thought process but oh well.  All I can hope is that it doesn't smell as strongly as the one I already have and that it doesn't have lavender. **updated to add that this is the Regenerating and Firming D'RAN serum and is NOT the same as what was in the Oriental Medicine Memebox**

Memebox pore care 3 spoiler 

Pore Care 3
AQUA BEAUTY Pore Zero Blackhead Remover
Full size product: 50ml ($34)

The soft silicone massaging brush and all-natural essential oils effectively and easily remove any blackheads and impurities that lead to clogged pores. Gradual use will make your skin brighter and more radiant overall.

It's a face brush!  With essential oils in it!  I'm curious to know what those oils are.  So many products love to put in citrus extracts because they smell so good but they are not good for people with sensitive skin at all.

I didn't get this box but I did get Pore Care #2 and I loved it.

memebox dermocosmetics spoiler

Dermocosmetics 2
COTTERANG Bubble Peeling Pad 
Full size product: 16ml*1ea ($7)

This exfoliating pad is enriched with natural AHA components, natural plant extracts, and fermented extracts that work to effectively remove dead skin cells and excessive sebum on your face.

I also did not get this box.  I just don't know what dermocosmetics even means so I figured I'd stay away.  Watch, it will turn out to be unbelievably amazing.  Hah.  So this has Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it, which is good for your face, especially for cell turnover.  If you aren't using some kind of AHA in your program, you should be.  It makes way for brighter, healthy skin.
It's possible that these may be too strong for you if you have sensitive skin or are new to using an AHA.  I would suggest starting with once a week for these pads because we really don't know what the percentages are since we can't read Korean.  AHA is kind of like retinol,  you can build up to using stronger and more effective doses.

All in all, I'm pretty impressed with these spoilers.  I can't wait to see the rest of whats in the boxes.  I have a horrible suspicion I'm going to be sad I didn't get DermoCosmetics.  I should see if they have a Korea's Most Wanted and Dermocosmetics Value Set...

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  1. Today I saw spoiler for At home and I like it :)