Friday, July 11, 2014

Memebox Superbox #23 Summer Review

My Memebox #23 Summer Superbox arrived today along with a couple other boxes.  This is one of the Memeboxes I've been looking forward too.  I wasn't really sure what to expect but I'm still looking for that perfect facial sunscreen that doesn't break me out horribly.
There is so much interesting and cool stuff in this box!!  After reading about all these things, I'm really excited to get out and try them.  My in laws have a home on a lake and sunblock is a neccessity.
Hope Girl Power Volume Waterproof Mascara-  What summer box would be complete without a waterproof mascara?!  I'm actually not a huge fan of waterproof but its something I wear when I know I'm going to be sitting lakeside and may get dumped unceremoniously in.

borntree Bloom Mineral Avenue Air Fit Sun CC- This is a CC cream that offers a lighter, more natural-looking base that won't dry your skin out.  Dab on the CC cream and be on your way.  this is SO interesting!!  It's a plastic compact with a mirror and a powder pad.  I should have taken a picture with the pad out so this would be easier to explain.  But its a plastic tray underneath the pad and theres a small hole in it.  When you press down on the plastic, a small blob of CC cream pumps out.  You then dab the pad in the blob and then onto your face.  It has a 35 SPF so that's good.  My only issue is that I'm so fair, this is assuredly going to be too dark for me.
W.Holic Clinic Skin Solutions glutathione Whitening Essence-50ml- This ampoule is beloved by many Koreans and although it says its a whitening essence (Did you notice the typo on the bottle?  Whithing), it will make your skin soft, smooth and brighten your complexion.
Glutathione is an antioxidant and a tripeptide, both of which are very good for our skin and protection against free radicals.  It is considered a whitening agent because it prevents the synthesis of melanin (which is what gives you a tan).  Personally, I'm white as a ghost and could use a tan but this also is probably what helps prevent/diminish dark spots, too.  I'll use it!
I hunted down the ingredient list (and when I say hunted I mean "spent ages translating the ingredient list" and here's what it looks like:

Purified water, glycerin, denatured alcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Cyclohexa-siloxane, Les glyceryl -26, Glyceryl acrylate / acrylic acid copolymer, Propylene glycol, glutathione, Allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, adenosine, Sodium polyacrylate, dimethicone, Tree de ses-6, PEG / P Fiji -18/18 Dimethicone, Dimethicone / Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer PEG-60, castor oil, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, hydroxy caprylic acid, glycol caprylic acid, 1,2-hexanediol, Ethyl hexyl glycerin, Sodium magnesium silicate, Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, Indian frankincense resin extract, disodium, spices.
I'm sure this isn't a perfect translation but close enough.  The good ingredients are niacinamide (fading dark spots, evening skin tone), sodium hyaluronate (moisturizer), and Adenosine (fades dark spots, evens skin tone but not as well as niacinamide) and the glutathione.

Finco UV Control Sun Block SPF50+-  Suitable for face and body, this uses zinc and titanium oxides to provide the best sun protection possible.  This is a mild sunblock suitable for all skin types, it also contains a patented skin calming technology to prevent irritation and sun damage.  It sadly has lavender in it so I suppose I shouldn't use it.
CNKCOS Transformer Solution 1st and 2nd-  Mix these two ingredients together and shake it.  It turns into a yellow gel-like solution.  Once transformed, apply it over your sunburn.  I wonder if its single use or what...  Otherwise why wouldn't it be combined already? Hm...  I want to do it right now but I don't really need it and if it doesn't last long I don't want to waste it.

VERDICT:  I'm sad I can't use the sunscreen but I suppose its okay.  It's not like I needed it because I have so many already but still.  I'm pretty excited to try the Clinic Skin Solutions and the after sun gel when I need it.  Waterproof mascara is always welcome  and I really would love it if the compact fits my skin tone.
I'm a little surprised there are only 5 items in this but I think that is because I'm not used to Superboxes.  I personally tend to prefer the regular Memeboxes because I don't mind deluxe samples and you tend to get more.  This box didn't have the excitement I was expecting.  When I thought of a Summer box, I was thinking cooling sprays and mists for your face and aloe masks, etc.
Not every box will be a total win but I was expecting more from this.

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What did you think?  Did you get this box?  Did you try mixing the two CNKCOS bottles together?  I want to know what happens!

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  1. I can promise you that the cushion compact is ghostly white. I am really fair skinned because I don't tan and all my friends make fun of me for that, but I put it on today and it was almost white! You can use it :)

    1. Oh, thank you!! I'm so glad to know that :D Now I won't feel bad opening it up and trying it!

  2. The CNKOS products are interesting, I hope you can use it more than once.

    1. I feel like its so huge that it should be used more than once, of course, but why separate the ingredients? You know what I mean? Does it lose it's efficacy and that's why? Then how long is it good for? I have so many questions, Memebox!! I need more info on the card! :P

  3. No I didn't got this box.. *cries a little* The "whithing" stuff would be amazing! everything with "whithing" is awesome :D Also I'm so so so sad for you that again a product is with lavender! I wish you could just undo your allergicness :) Did you also got one of those milk, whole grain or oriental medicine btw? :)

    1. No, just the Oriental Medicine :*( Did you see the Milk box?!!? OMG its SO GOOD!!! I wish I had got it!

    2. I'm getting that box tomorrow! :O (sorry!)